About Me

Contact me via deltanorthfork@gmail.com in Montrose, Colorado

I’m a Christian 27 year husband with 5 children.

I’m an applications programmer for OptumInsight (UnitedHealth Group)

I believe even more mobilized Conservatives don’t grasp how much Progressives are destroying the Rule of Law and imposing Secular Humanism,  We need a groundswell of of Constitutional Experts and to aggressively repeal and prevent unconstitutional laws.  Our citizens have no grasp of the 27 principles of liberty that created such a miraculously prosperous, enviable and virtuous society for our first 100 years, as detail in the book “The 5000 Year Leap.”  Our citizens do not know the constitutional purpose of government or the documented purpose of the Constitution, nor how the Progressives and Cultural Marxists have attempted to eradicate Natural Law and the Judeo Christian ethic.


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