Finally Renouncing and Denouncing Progressivism

Perhaps a new movement to abolish Progressive government will finally stop the tide of statism.

How wonderful…

…the possibility secular humanist social justice politically correct statist progressivism which dominates the main media, the popular culture, the universities, the courts, the liberal churches, the public schools, the continuing failed legacy of the “Great Society” (stigmatizing our underclass), the continuing legacy of the “New Deal” (establishing permanent entitlement programs), the Congress, the Executive Branch (not for long), all of the obscenely bloated unconstitutional bureaucracies (especially the State Dept, Educ Dept, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Energy Dept and EPA) and the Supreme Court itself…notice the fourth branch of government, the State legislatures and Governors, are not in this list…How wonderful, the possibility, that all the “fruits” of Progressivism will be powerfully and soundly scorned, ridiculed and repudiated for all the unconstitutional devastation it has wreaked on our country…the possibility that a pajama President may be replaced by an Alpha President.

Are any Progressives acknowledging, honoring or admitting what Americans asserted last November…even with a not-so-qualified, not-so-virtuous Presidential candidate who repeatedly seemed to sabotage his own campaign?

How could Clinton have lost? Will Progressives ever admit why? Progressivism means you don’t have to take personal moral responsibility, which is totally antithetical to the definition of liberty (the power to take personal moral responsibility to wield our inalienable rights). What is your definition of liberty? I bet you don’t have one on the tip of your tongue!

Democrats are not accountable to normal Americans…they cannot hear what the people have so powerfully declared in the last November’s voting…they literally are only focused on regaining power, for power’s sake, not for the sake of democracy.

Why has America prevented a Democrat majority in Congress?

Progressives do not represent America, even though they forcefully dominate most public institutions and punish those who stray from their ranks.

Progressives may be Democrats, but they are emphatically not democratic. They do not believe in individual sovereignty. They do not uphold our constitutional republic. They do not honor “Government of the people, by the people, for the people…” (Abraham Lincoln, the virtual founder of the Republican Party.)

Because politics and social justice is their religion, even Progressive Christians like Tony Campolo who are determined to violate the will of the people attempt to expand unconstitutional government for the sake of social justice. Social justice has ruled the day since the first Progressive social justice president, Teddy Roosevelt (a Republican…like Bush 1 and 2).

President Reagan barely slowed the advance of unconstitutionally exponentially expanding government.

Maybe Trump can.



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