Teachers’ union officials willing to engage in a cover up of child abuse and the violation of workplace rules

In this video, Project Veritas journalists and James O’Keefe visit the United Federation of Teachers office in Yonkers to meet with senior union officials to find out what would happen to a teacher who was guilty of abusing a child. Shockingly, our journalists found the union officials willing to engage in a cover up of child abuse and the violation of workplace rules. The officials can even be seen helping the journalist plot a cover up on hidden camera.



The Progressive Juggernaut Defeated by the Basket of Deplorables

Why can’t the majority of Americans unite in prayer and activism for a new era of liberty, law and order, respect for law enforcement, prosperity, safeguarding of private property, honoring our founding principles and values, repudiation of the statist agenda, localized public education, national security, domestic energy, renewed military, protection of the unborn, Congressional and Supreme Court term limits, Constitutionalism, restoring power to the States, natural rights, government extricated from healthcare, self government and freedom of religion?

The people are rising up.

They defeated the political machine.

The Blue Dog Democrats finally had their fill of racing headlong into bankruptcy, amnesty, diminished state power, international weakness, incestuous inter-agency coverups, ruining the healthcare industry, federal control of the public schools and government overreach.

Conservatives finally realized they had to stop refusing to vote for imperfect presidential candidates.

May traditional politics be replaced by limited government and term limits.

May our national debate be transformed from shallow emoting to objective ways to enforce the U.S. Constitution.