Why should I believe what Bill said about Hillary at the DNC?

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Why should I believe what Bill said about Hillary at the DNC?


When Did Using a Bathroom Get so Complicated?

From: https://megmeekermd.com/2016/04/when-did-using-a-bathroom-get-so-complicated/

The lifelong work of Dr. Paul McHugh, former head of Psychiatry at John’s Hopkins, teaches that transgender issues in adults are very complicated. He does not advocate gender reassignment because, he says, those who have had reassignment have 20 times the risk of suicide from the general population. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Dr. McHugh, his work cannot be ignored. The bottom line is that there is a lot we don’t know about gender identity issues and to impose rules on all children which support beliefs that gender reassignment (even if verbally) is helpful, is misguided.

As a pediatrician and advocate for all children, giving biologically male children the right to share bathrooms with girls and vice versa is not only wrong; it is harmful to children with and without gender identity issues. Our children are not social experiments. They are young people with hearts, minds and souls. Every child deserves protection from trauma and humiliation. And every child can learn to be accepting and kind to those who are different but to force “acceptance” on children when it means: causing them to see very private genitalia of the opposite sex, questioning their own ability to believe what they see and causing more suffering to already troubled children is fair to no one- except, perhaps, the adults who want to see their own agenda promoted. Shame on them.