The End of Progressive Collective Globalisn


The Orlando Isis Massacre: Progressives, Conservatives and Preparedness


Can’t we better protect, train and equip the defenseless general public and security personnel?

Or should we just be “nicer” to the jihadists and stop “provoking” them? Shouldn’t we continue the appeasement tactics of our President, the Clintons and the vaunted global peacemakers at the United Nations? Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on June 21, 2016 that the most effective strategy is “compassion, love and unity”!! Breathtaking.

No. Let’s be a lot less nice to jihadism–shock and awe come to mind…

Instead, let us be nicer to those celebrating “Latino Night” at gay night clubs, to those holding office Christmas parties, to thousands running and watching a famous marathon, to those liable to be decapitated by jihadists, to the fathers being annihilated execution-style, to the enslaved mothers and 9 year old girls being raped several times a day for many months.

Why doesn’t the shocking contrast in the prevalence of murder and crime between Democrat-controlled cities versus Conservative-run cities awaken those who keep re-electing liberals, or can secular humanists comprehend empirical data and common sense? Earth to progressives: protecting life and liberty is the paramount responsibility of government and central to our inalienable rights. And evil originates in the heart, not from a lack of government-administered “social justice”.

If I’m assaulted at home the attacker will either receive the fruits of the first weapon I can deploy–a ready loaded shotgun, a pistol, a ten inch knife, or “manually” delivered lethal dispatchment (a milder version illusrated here). Problem is, ten seconds is usually all the time you have. But we need to learn how to react more instantaneously. My youngest daughter could land a 230 premium load between your eyeballs at 100 yards. In Colorado we have a certain law known as “make my day.”

The Demons At Our Door

I’m not advocating paranoia, especially for those surrendered to God’s sovereignty.  But He provides wisdom.

Everyone in our society, especially pre-born, children, infirmed, gays, pacifists, mentally ill, elderly, and all large gatherings, HAVE to be protected…and the MOST vulnerable need the MOST EXTRAVAGANT protection…despite the disarmament and appeasement strategies of the perpetually adolescent and naive progressives (including a huge percent of conservatives who are functionally progressive). We have to aggressively profile, monitor, survey, counsel, wiretap, publicize, confront, see-something-say-something, and pursue every dangerous, conscienceless, sociopathic, fanatic, psychotic or neurotic, despite the prevailing political correctness that has enabled the blood lusting predators to proliferate in America and in the Middle East, where our military is crippled by Presidentially-imposed “rules of non-engagement”.

The demonic Orlando killer didn’t qualify for more aggressive surveillance?

  • Interviewed and monitored for two time periods by the FBI for jihadism!
  • Traveled twice to Saudi Arabia!
  • Repulsed his coworkers by a pattern of dangerous hatefulness, wife beating and sociopathology!
  • Divorced by his first wife for abuse and bipolar dysfunctionality!
  • Kicked out of school because of his jihadist enthusiasm!
  • Suspended from school 48 times for violence and misbehavior!
  • Fired from a security job for endorsing the murders by the terrorist at Fort Hood (“work place violence”)!
  • The Indian River State College’s Criminal Justice Institute rejected his police training application and reported him to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement because they believed he wanted to commit jihad after joining a police force!
  • Declared on Facebook that an ISIS attack was imminent.

Every single American visiting jihadi web sites, jihadist mosques and madrasa schools should be under tight surveillance.  The Orlando terrorist attended his mosque 2 days before the massacre. We have to remove the White House imposed shackles on the FBI’s capabilities and triple their numbers. Domestic terrorism will always be with us, but we can prevent more of it than we are now.

Here in the western lands of ranches, agriculture, recreation, prairie, wilderness, and mountains (my sympathies to all you Metropolitans) we have the advantage of being a threat to human and animal predators, with plenty of cowboys, cowgirls, hunters, farmers, forest rangers, game wardens, gunsmiths, trappers and rugged individualists who haven’t sold their minds and their souls to the urban-based socialist collective.

Time to restore a lost tradition…real leadership and real individual ethical responsibility–in the homeland and in places where half a million Syrians have been killed (can you comprehend that?) and millions more forced to flee for their lives. We are our brother’s keeper, folks. Liberals need the Orlando massacre to awaken them from their stupor…but if they support the illegality of murdering millions of children in the womb can they summon enough moral responsibility to take action against the slaughter of post-born helpless ones?

The same way conservatives have allowed statist progressives to nearly destroy our Constitution and Natural Rights, the problem is not Isis, it’s conservatives who are not “up in arms”. Like state legislators, including my own Senator Ellen Roberts and Representative Don Coram, who are not up in arms about states being mere puppets of the federal government. Like some Republicans who are not more seriously confronting the Obama administration for its “containment” and “acceptable losses” strategy towards the worldwide struggle against terrorism.

If you are “up in arms” prove it. Above are several practical ways to get your act together.

Oh, wait…that’s right, you’re supposed to believe the pantheists and Gaiasts who claim anthropomorphic global warming is the real threat.

Let real leaders, such as those who founded this country or like Ronald Reagan or Harry Truman, restore morality, the rule of law, and safety in America.

Progressive ideology is antithetical to our founding principles, but conservatism is not supposed to be. Liberals are “up in arms”, of course, but only towards efforts to prevent and repair the damage they have wreaked on our country.