Have you read-up on the massive man made global warming fraud?

Of no consequence, you think? You must be comatose.

Do you understand the motivation and ideology of those willing to outlaw criticism of their non-scientific, collectivist Agenda 21 scam? They are fascists.

Please let this website bring you back to your senses.



A Monstrous Moral Leviathan

While I don’t hear the sound of artillery in the distance advancing toward our home in the Maryland suburbs, I have heard for a long time and increasingly so, what I perceive to be ominous sounds of executive, legislative, and juridical barrages emanating from nearby Washington, DC, encroaching upon our personal and religious freedoms, threatening not only our American way of life, but the human dignity of all.

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Hey Liberals; tell me how it feels to stake your presidential prospects on transgender bathrooms and (supposed) anthropomorphic global warming.

Sorry to oversimplify your Presidency focus, but what else do you desire that only Bernie or Hillary can achieve?  I know why your approach to terrorism is “acceptable losses”, but do you know why your ideology requires “acceptable losses”?  Do I understand your ideology better than you do?  I know your political correctness prevents you from holding strong opinions and post-modern nihilism but are you even capable of understanding these questions and perhaps even answering these questions?


How Worthwhile Are Your Current Efforts to Counteract Evil, Compared to Stopping the Sex Trafficking of 2 Million Children?

Do you care about the most egregious forms of evil?

On December 10th, 2013 Special Agent Tim Ballard turned in his Homeland Security badge and resigned from his employment with the United States government. He had spent over a decade rescuing children from child sex tourism both domestically and overseas. Though his job was difficult, he was proud that his country was one of very few in the world who were actually doing anything about this problem. However, mired in red tape and bureaucracy, Tim left to begin saving the children that he saw falling out of the purview of the US government. These children constitute over 90% of the children lost to child sex slavery and he could do nothing to help them while in the employment of the US government.