The passing of an era of lawfulness, prioritized national-security, family-centeredness, marriage-honoring, God-fearing, exemplary, virtuous presidential leadership


Nancy Reagan passed today at 94. Her main advice to Michele Obama was to hold lots of White House parties as the Reagans had done. Advice that wasn’t heeded. See this photo of President Reagan trying to “cut in” on her dancing with Frank Sinatra at a White House party.

We mourn her loss and especially the passing of an era of lawful, paramount national-security priority, family-centered, marriage-honoring, God-fearing, exemplary, virtuous presidential leadership. Today’s era is represented more by the Clinton legacy with the stark absence of those Judeo-Christian characteristics (though I know Nancy relied on an astrologist’s advice to influence the President’s traveling schedule).

Ronald Reagan relied on Nancy extensively and I can identify with that in my marriage. I also have witnessed the all-surpassing devotion of a wife who ministered a “long goodbye” season to her mentally failing husband in the person of my mother-in-law.

The Reagans restored dignity and glamour, yet unlike the Obamas’ extravagant vacations, the Reagans preferred to retreat to their small, stucco, rattlesnake surrounded ranch.


Nancy didn’t need the Progressives’ artificial “Extremely Ridiculous Activity” (ERA) womens’ lib movement to motivate her ability to wield tremendous influence on her husband, decisive authority over the personnel supporting the President and impact on our country. She orchestrated the firing of the President’s Chief of Staff.

Yet she never succeeded in stopping her husband from wearing his favorite purple plaid suit, which she hated.


She practiced intense loyalty to her husband and nation.  Are those values among government leaders lost forever? Will we gain a new President who revives our founding principles and national security as the Reagans helped revive after the pathetic Jimmy Carter era?



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