Stop the Strong Cities Network! URGENT APPEAL TO: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

President Barack Obama’s is moving forward to include U.S. participation in the United Nation’s Strong Cities Network.

This program constitutes little more than the creation of a powerful global–centered police force that will militarize local police which will be trained to violate Constitutionally-protected individual free speech and assembly.

Many mistakenly believe that the Strong Cities Network is designed to protect our cities from radical Islamic terrorist. However, the UN organizers of the Strong Cities Network specifically speak of targeting what they label to be “Right Wing Extremists. “

Coincidentally, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has created a new position in the Justice Department specifically to investigate Conservatives in the U.S., calling those who disagree with Obama Administration policies to be ‘Right-Wing Extremists.”

These so-called Right Wing Extremists are defined by the Southern Poverty law Center to be any American who opposes the Obama Administration, out of control government spending, and advocates the U.S. Constitution as the law of our land! Speaker Ryan, one would assume that means YOU will be included in their targets.

Now, through the Justice Department’s participation in the Strong Cities Network, local communities are being encouraged to target Conservatives that fit these labels. This can lead to stopping their right to free assembly, speech and travel. It will lead to the destruction of American freedom and rule of Constitutional law.

That’s why it is urgent that the U.S. Congress investigate and immediately put a stop to the Obama plan to enforce the Strong Cities Network in American communities. You have promised to fix our broken Congress and took a pledge to defend our Constitution. Now is the time and this is the issue for you to honor that pledge!

Therefore I, the undersigned American citizen, demand that you, as Speaker of the U.S. of House of Representatives, take immediate action to stop any funding and implementation of the Justice Department’s effort to enforce the Strong Cities Network in American communities


THE, Ultimate Way to Descend a Mountain. A video and audio sensation!




Listen to this soundtrack: while you watch the video below, and you will be transported big time. Start the song video at the 0:16 mark and the ski video (full screen mode) at exactly the 1:10 mark, simultaneously. But not before you turn off the volume in the skiing video. They’ll seem in perfect synch if you do it correctly.

Hopefully you can play it with great audio quality and big screen.