Sodom and Gomorrah we are

The ultimate outcome of hyper-egalitarian collectivist social justice secular humanist progressivism, enfolded into law (not into natural law) by the ultimate social re-engineering activist lawless Supreme Court: “You are born with the right to have someone else pay for all of your medical expenses.” (Yesterday) Today: “God ordained marriage is a coercive fable and whatever situational / existential / personal / transcient idea of love you have (3 adults, etc.), it must be the determinant of something now invalidly called marriage.” Watch the percentage of Americans with a sexually transmitted disease double, from 1 in 5 to 2 in 5 (40%). Watch the divorce rate escalate from 50% to 75%. Watch the sociopathy from unfathered children multiply. Watch our society’s disintegration accelerate. Watch government increasingly become all-controlling.



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