Are you in the battle or on the bench?

Are you involved/supporting strategic efforts to push back progressive totalitarianism or are you merely an “intelligent” voter and leaving the fight for liberty to others?

“It’s been a tough battle, but because of your support, our undercover journalist Laura WILL be allowed to graduate at the same time as the rest of her class this May. If you recall, Laura is the honor student who went undercover at Barry University showing just how far their faculty would go toward establishing a club which would provide material support to the terrorist group ISIS. Following the release of the video, University officials went after Laura instead of their own staff members, unfairly threatening her ability to graduate.

This email confirms that Laura will be allowed to graduate when she has completed the rest of her required coursework and successfully defends her thesis. This couldn’t have happened without you!

When Barry University went after Laura, they suspended her pending an unjust hearing and wouldn’t even allow her on campus. As I informed everyone, this would deny her the ability to finish her required course work, sowe hired an attorney to act on her behalf. When I say we hired an attorney, I mean all of us. Without your generous gifts to Project Veritas to pay for Laura’s gifted legal counsel, it’s highly unlikely Laura would have been able to work out her situation with school administrators.”


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