The scourge of progressivism, part 3 |

Progressivism hates moral and legal absolutes (whether those absolutes be the intended anchor of a political party’s platform or the intended anchor of a nation’s Constitution). If absolutes were accepted by the public, progressives would not be able to easily masquerade as friends and admirers of an alleged “living Constitution.” Instead, they would be seen for who they truly are: treacherous enemies usurping the Constitution’s original, inflexible, stated purposes expressed in, but not limited to, the Federalist Papers.

Moral and legal absolutes (honored by Americanism and dishonored by progressivism) are inescapable realities of natural law that will inevitably bring pain upon those who defy them. This truth is best illustrated by imagining a construction site where there are nine different tradesmen working at the same time on the same project: electricians, plumbers, steel-erectors, insulators, roofers, structural engineers, third-party inspectors, concrete layers, and a window installation company. Imagine them all rejecting moral, legal, and natural absolutes, which means they refused to abide by a standard held in common. Contemplate each of the nine tradesmen privately defining their own length of a foot, which varies from every other tradesman represented on the same construction site.  The structure will be unsound. The building will collapse.  People will die. Now transfer that lack of an absolute and inflexible standard to the workings of a civil government, where moral and legal absolutes are “progressivized” today, and you can see why such a government as ours becomes structurally unsound, must eventually collapse, and will kill the people beneath its terrible weight.

via The scourge of progressivism, part 3 |


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