Only if you clamor for an Article V Convention can we curb the lawlessness of all three branches of government

Only amendments to Constitution can help – Montrose Daily Press: Opinion.

We the people along with our Colorado legislators can reverse the lawlessness within all three branches of the federal government. It’s time you woke up to your Constitutional Emergency and obligations.

Perilous overspending, misinterpretations of the General Welfare and Commerce Clauses, one hundred years of frequently unconstitutional federal jurisprudence and terms in office becoming careers are costing us our liberty. Electing more leaders who uphold our founding principles, individual states nullifying federal intrusions one at a time and better educating the citizenry won’t result in structural reforms to the federal government to realign it with the Constitution.

Only amendments to U.S. Constitution can accomplish what Alexander Hamilton defended in Federalist 85: “We may safely rely on the disposition of the state legislatures to erect barriers against the encroachments of the national authority.”

State legislators are constitutionally obligated by Article V to realign central government to the Constitution, exactly as the Founders anticipated.

A minimum of 34 states must submit the same limited subject matter in their applications to Congress for an Article V convention to propose amendments, without interference from Congress, and which 38 states could later ratify.

Unlike Colorado, three states have applied for a convention to propose amendments. Five more only await action by their Senates. Oklahoma awaits action by their House.

Call your Colorado legislators and remind them that they are the last and best hope against tyranny and cannot fulfill their oath to the U.S. Constitution if they compromise principle for political expediency and fall prey to the scare tactics about a convention of states rebutted at

See volunteer opportunities at

Sign the convention of states petition at which is sponsored by Citizens for Self Governance ( which will automatically generate letters to your State representatives.

Jeff Hogan

P.S. How do you rationalize your lack of emergency response to the obliteration of Constitutional and Natural law?


National Review: John Chisholm, Criminally Corrupt Totalitarian Progressive District Attorney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, orchestrating middle of the night home invasions of key conservative supporters of Governor Scott Walker


Cindy Archer, one of the lead architects of Wisconsin’s Act 10 — also called the “Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill,” it limited public-employee benefits and altered collective-bargaining rules for public-employee unions — was jolted awake by yelling, loud pounding at the door, and her dogs’ frantic barking. The entire house — the windows and walls — was shaking.

She looked outside to see up to a dozen police officers, yelling to open the door. They were carrying a battering ram.

She wasn’t dressed, but she started to run toward the door, her body in full view of the police. Some yelled at her to grab some clothes, others yelled for her to open the door.

“I was so afraid,” she says. “I did not know what to do.” She grabbed some clothes, opened the door, and dressed right in front of the police. The dogs were still frantic.

“I begged and begged, ‘Please don’t shoot my dogs, please don’t shoot my dogs, just don’t shoot my dogs.’ I couldn’t get them to stop barking, and I couldn’t get them outside quick enough. I saw a gun and barking dogs. I was scared and knew this was a bad mix.”

She got the dogs safely out of the house, just as multiple armed agents rushed inside. Some even barged into the bathroom, where her partner was in the shower. The officer or agent in charge demanded that Cindy sit on the couch, but she wanted to get up and get a cup of coffee.

“I told him this was my house and I could do what I wanted.” Wrong thing to say. “This made the agent in charge furious. He towered over me with his finger in my face and yelled like a drill sergeant that I either do it his way or he would handcuff me.”

They wouldn’t let her speak to a lawyer. She looked outside and saw a person who appeared to be a reporter. Someone had tipped him off.

The neighbors started to come outside, curious at the commotion, and all the while the police searched her house, making a mess, and — according to Cindy — leaving her “dead mother’s belongings strewn across the basement floor in a most disrespectful way.”

Then they left, carrying with them only a cellphone and a laptop.

That was the first thought of “Anne” (not her real name). Someone was pounding at her front door. It was early in the morning — very early — and it was the kind of heavy pounding that meant someone was either fleeing from — or bringing — trouble.

“It was so hard. I’d never heard anything like it. I thought someone was dying outside.”

She ran to the door, opened it, and then chaos. “People came pouring in. For a second I thought it was a home invasion. It was terrifying. They were yelling and running, into every room in the house. One of the men was in my face, yelling at me over and over and over.”

via Wisconsin’s Shame: ‘I Thought It Was a Home Invasion’ | National Review Online.

Are you in the battle or on the bench?

Are you involved/supporting strategic efforts to push back progressive totalitarianism or are you merely an “intelligent” voter and leaving the fight for liberty to others?

“It’s been a tough battle, but because of your support, our undercover journalist Laura WILL be allowed to graduate at the same time as the rest of her class this May. If you recall, Laura is the honor student who went undercover at Barry University showing just how far their faculty would go toward establishing a club which would provide material support to the terrorist group ISIS. Following the release of the video, University officials went after Laura instead of their own staff members, unfairly threatening her ability to graduate.

This email confirms that Laura will be allowed to graduate when she has completed the rest of her required coursework and successfully defends her thesis. This couldn’t have happened without you!

When Barry University went after Laura, they suspended her pending an unjust hearing and wouldn’t even allow her on campus. As I informed everyone, this would deny her the ability to finish her required course work, sowe hired an attorney to act on her behalf. When I say we hired an attorney, I mean all of us. Without your generous gifts to Project Veritas to pay for Laura’s gifted legal counsel, it’s highly unlikely Laura would have been able to work out her situation with school administrators.”

The scourge of progressivism, part 3 |

Progressivism hates moral and legal absolutes (whether those absolutes be the intended anchor of a political party’s platform or the intended anchor of a nation’s Constitution). If absolutes were accepted by the public, progressives would not be able to easily masquerade as friends and admirers of an alleged “living Constitution.” Instead, they would be seen for who they truly are: treacherous enemies usurping the Constitution’s original, inflexible, stated purposes expressed in, but not limited to, the Federalist Papers.

Moral and legal absolutes (honored by Americanism and dishonored by progressivism) are inescapable realities of natural law that will inevitably bring pain upon those who defy them. This truth is best illustrated by imagining a construction site where there are nine different tradesmen working at the same time on the same project: electricians, plumbers, steel-erectors, insulators, roofers, structural engineers, third-party inspectors, concrete layers, and a window installation company. Imagine them all rejecting moral, legal, and natural absolutes, which means they refused to abide by a standard held in common. Contemplate each of the nine tradesmen privately defining their own length of a foot, which varies from every other tradesman represented on the same construction site.  The structure will be unsound. The building will collapse.  People will die. Now transfer that lack of an absolute and inflexible standard to the workings of a civil government, where moral and legal absolutes are “progressivized” today, and you can see why such a government as ours becomes structurally unsound, must eventually collapse, and will kill the people beneath its terrible weight.

via The scourge of progressivism, part 3 |

Punishing ‘climate change deniers’.

2011: An Australian journalist said climate skeptics should be “branded” with cattle-irons to mark them out from the rest of the population.

2011: Another Australian journalist said skeptics should be “gassed”.

2012: Professor Richard Parncutt of the University of Graz, Austria, recommended the death penalty for skeptics. He later withdrew.

2012: Dr. Donald Brown, Professor of “Climate Ethics” at Widener University School of Law, again declared that skeptics may be guilty of a “new crime against humanity”. The penalty for crimes against humanity is death.

2014: Dr Lawrence Torcello, assistant philosophy professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, wrote that people who disagreed with him should be sent to jail.

2014: During a February cold snap, the New York Times ran a cartoon headed “Self-Destructing Sabers for Dispatching Climate-Change Deniers” and showing a climate skeptic being stabbed with an icicle.

2014: The website said: “Those denialists should face jail. They should face fines. They should face lawsuits from the classes of people whose lives and livelihoods are most threatened by denialist tactics.”

2014: The host of MSNBC’s The Ed Show promoted Soviet-style re-education for climate skeptic politicians by conducting an on-air poll on the question “Should climate-denying Republicans be forced to take a basic earth science course?”

2015: Katie Herzog at on 16 January wrote: “If this planet is to survive the scourge that is humanity, we all have to stop reproducing. Yes, all of us. In that spirit, I propose we … sterilize every human male on his 10th birthday.”

2015: Comment on the webpage of the Brisbane Times about a category 5 cyclone along the Queensland coast on 19/20 February: “These type of weather events could happen further south in future and be more intense with global warming … if anyone has to suffer out of this one I hope it is a climate change denier, if anyone.” Downloaded from

2015: The Australian Capital Territory’s Arts Fund gave $18,793 “to assist with costs of the creative development of a new theatre work, Kill Climate Deniers”.

via Blog: Punishing ‘climate change deniers’.

Obama Admits Communist “Schooled” him on White Racism

In his 1995 book, Dreams from My Father, Barack Obama never discussed the identity of the mysterious “Frank” who had given him important advice on growing up black in what was described as a white racist world. We learned in 2008 that “Frank” was Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party who was the subject of a 600-page FBI file. Still, the major media never asked Obama about this important relationship during his growing up years in Hawaii.

Now, in an extraordinary development, video of Obama explicitly and openly identifying “Frank” as Frank Marshall Davis has suddenly surfaced on the Internet. The footage is said to have been recorded on September 20, 1995, with the program originally airing on Channel 37 Cambridge Municipal Television as an episode of the show, “The Author Series.”

It’s not clear how many saw this program when it aired. For some reason, this “From the Vault” Barack Obama presentation was just recently posted on YouTube. In the video, Obama is introduced as a Harvard Law School student and President of the Harvard Law Review. He discusses “Frank” as Frank Marshall Davis at about 8:37 in the video.

In his remarks, Obama never identifies Davis as a communist or even a leftist. But the remarks do reflect the significant influence that Davis had over his young life as he was growing up in Hawaii. Obama talks about how Davis “schools” him on the subject of race relations. The term implies a teacher-student relationship the two of them had, confirming what we had reported back in 2008, that Davis had functioned as Obama’s “mentor.”

via Obama Admits Communist “Schooled” him on White Racism.

Democrats Are the Real Abortion Extremists


“The fetus, in many cases, dies just as a human adult or child would: It bleeds to death as it is torn from limb from limb. The fetus can be alive at the beginning of the dismemberment process and can survive for a time while its limbs are being torn off.”

“Kansas’s new law, effective July 1, makes physicians who conduct an abortion by this method subject to prosecution. A first-time offense is a misdemeanor; repeat offenses can be tried as felonies. Yet the Democratic party accepts this practice as a justifiable means of securing a woman’s “right.” The party’s steadfast opposition to any restrictions on abortion is enshrined in its official platform, adopted in 2012: The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay. We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.

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Top 10 Global Warming Lies That May Shock You

Global warming alarmists frequently make false and deplorable assertions (see, for example, my recent column debunking false claims that global warming is causing a decline in wheat production), but the Environmental Defense Fund’s recent fund-raising mailer, “10 Global Warming Effects That May Shock You,” may well set a new low. However, climate realists can make lemonade from EDF’s preposterous mailer by using it to show open-minded people the difference between global warming alarmists and global warming truth-tellers.

EDF has assembled what it believes to be the 10 most powerful global warming assertions in the alarmists’ playbook, yet each assertion either backfires on alarmists or has been proven false. While reading how flawed EDF’s assertions are, remember these are the very best arguments global warming alarmists can make. Open-minded readers should have very little difficulty dismissing the mythical global warming crisis after examining the top 10 assertions in the alarmist playbook.

via Top 10 Global Warming Lies That May Shock You.

Video. Let My People Go: The War Against the Eradication of the Global Church

Beheadings. Crucifixions. Staged mass executions on display for the world to see.

Radical Islamic extremists are targeting and terrorizing Christians and other religious minorities throughout the Middle East and Africa. Attacks are now spilling over into Europe and the West. Religious persecution is expanding dramatically and religious minorities – especially Christians – are now facing horrendous attacks – and all too often – death.