A Most Strategic Group of Lawyers In Whom You Could Invest: Alliance Defending Freedom


For decades, radical activists like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have systematically worked to take over America’s legal system. A key component of their strategy was to infiltrate law schools, where they deliberately shaped generations of young lawyers with their left-wing, anti-Christian, anti-freedom agenda.

As these law students went into legal practice, they became influential attorneys and have used the courts to achieve their godless agenda. The results have been both predictable and tragic:

The slaughter of an estimated 57 million babies in the womb through the evil of abortion.
The removal from public life of almost any mention of our nation’s faithand religious heritage.
Instance after instance of Christians being threatened, punished, and silenced for seeking to proclaim or even live out our faith.
The will of voters overturned in another 18 states just this year, as homosexual marriage is further imposed on Americans.

An army of Christian lawyers working on YOUR behalf!

With your online gift now,

You can take back the legal system, restore a proper view of the Constitution, and protect our hard-won freedoms. How? By equipping a new generation of Christian lawyers who are determined to work within the system to advance our values. They’ll rise to positions of influence and leadership as legal scholars, litigators, policy makers, and judges.

These men and women of faith and conviction are committed to constitutional liberty and trained to preserve religious freedom for generations to come — including your children and grandchildren.

The Blackstone Legal Fellowship has already trained more than 1,500 law students. These graduates are already transforming the legal culture, even as they take on landmark cases to defend and restore your religious freedom.

But the job is not done. We can’t let up. That’s because radical activists will not stop trying to reshape our legal system AND the Constitution on which it is based.

–What cause are you investing in to restore our inalienable rights and the rule of law?  –Jeff


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