Utterly Poetic: “Genius” Harvard Professors Who Approved Socialist Obamacare now Whining at their Increased Cost of Health Care Insurance

Priceless; just priceless.  Elite Progressive victims of their own horrible policies and ideology.

“The professors at Harvard University unleashed the “incredible whining of an incredibly privileged set” when they learned that they would have to live under many of their own policy recommendations that made their way into the Affordable Care Act.

If you think it’s just slightly hypocritical for these figures, many of whom vocally supported the health care overhaul, to complain about their rising health care costs, you’re not alone. This point of view is probably shared by many members of the Obama administration.

On Tuesday, Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry asked White House Press Sec. Josh Earnest for his take on this condescension from the Harvard faculty. Earnest’s response suggested that the administration is pretty frustrated with their erstwhile allies at the Ivy League university.

Earnest noted, as did Mary Katharine, that Harvard’s health care costs are relatively low compared to the public at large, and that their complaining was a contemptible product of their fortunate station in life. Though he didn’t use those precise words.”



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