Jihadists Worldwide: A Pack of Wolves

How many people must die before heads of state concede that the crimes worldwide are not extreme, not unusual, and not lone wolf? This is Islamic-style warfare against the West, without the sophisticated weaponry, khaki uniforms or tanks. It is time to connect the voluminous dots between the burnings and beheadings in 624 AD and those executed today.

We so naively call them self-starters or lone wolves when, daily, thousands of individuals are inspired and encouraged by an imam in a mosque to be a Soldier of Allah, eagerly awaiting his turn to immerse himself in the blood of infidels. Perhaps the designation helps the West cope with the 1.3 billion Muslims who have unleashed their millions into the world. Perhaps the singular terminology keeps the West from considering war against the multitudes, or courageously declaring the Qur’an and Sharia antithetical to Western beliefs, or fear of inciting the so-called moderates to reach their full barbarous potential.

Must someone remind PM Cameron of the infamous 7/7 bombing of 2005 in London’s underground, or the new converts to Islam who beheaded British soldier, Lee Rigby, on a London Street? Consider America’s Major Nidal Hasan, the psychiatrist who killed 13 and wounded 28 at Fort Hood, Texas; the Tsarnaev brothers, who killed two and injured more than 260 athletes and spectators at the Boston Marathon; the Itamar massacre of five members of Israel’s Fogel family and the more recent beheading of four rabbis and a policeman during religious services.

It is time to come to terms with the truth—that self-radicalization is a myth to befuddle the reality of the demonic cult, where the lone wolf is not alone but, rather, a product of Islam, trained from birth or conversion to hate and kill. The West has chosen to disbelieve the incomprehensible because this is an army unlike any we have fought, with different rules, and different means of carrying out their depraved agenda of enslavement, torture, and destruction. Not clad in khaki uniforms, these demons may be disguised as normal humans in street clothes, prepared to strike with the simplest and smallest of weapons—a knife or a vial of acid.

While the situation is deteriorating rapidly, the West is turning out students who are ignorant of Islam. Taught by the left, liberals, Marxists, and Islamic apologists, from revised textbooks, our students are indoctrinated to believe that Islam is Religion of Peace, when in fact it has been a religion of conquest and cruelty for 14 centuries. The history books paint and polish Islam while tarnishing Judaism, Christianity and America, omitting or changing facts that might expose the malevolence in our midst. Our media aids and abets these efforts with the accusatory “Islamophobia” to keep the crimes underreported or swept under the rug. Ask the average college students about Islam’s history and they will probably respond with a dead stare followed by an uncomfortable giggle at their own ignorance.

No, the murderers are not lone wolves. Whether they come as one or as nineteen, they are still part of a larger pack, each with his duty, just as we send our tanks to the front, each with its own driver and gunner, but part of a greater army. Whether the Muslims rush a synagogue to behead people in prayer; or behead hundreds who refuse to pray to Allah; or throw acid at little girls in Israel; or beat Jewish youths on the streets of Paris or Brooklyn; or explode themselves or ram an auto into a crowd of people, or kidnap girls for sale or marriage/enslavement, or rape women on the streets of Sweden and Norway; or burn or stone women, orbehead their own daughters for “honor,” they are One. Whether they are ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, Taliban or any of a formidable number of terrorist groups, they are all Islamic terrorists.

Each new generation is taught from toddlerhood to hate and aspire to Islamic greatness by killing kafirs—Jews, as well as Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and other Muslims.

  • Parents are eagerly raising their babies to be suicide bombers for Hamas,
  • From their earliest school days, children learn that life has no value; they must kill for their god and state, and accept their own death and martyrdom while parents encourage and applaud the loss of their children’s humanity. There is no hope for a life of beauty, music, creativity and career, of courtship and love-marriage, the joy of caring for a devoted pet, and discoveries of Western civilization. They are robbed of everything we value. Young kindergarteners aretrained to behead dolls and toy sheepthat bleed red liquid, and their song includes the bleating of the wounded, dying lamb.
  • As the older child is taught to kill and hold a victim’s severed head, he poses for a photo taken by his proud father.

Young adults, no longer queasy about death, are able to play soccer with decapitated heads.

  • By the time they reach adulthood, they have no respect for women, children, or for animals. These deranged sadists (who receive sexual satisfaction from causing pain or degradation to others) are able to inflict agony and suffering on defenseless animals throughout the year and celebrate Eid by torturing lifestock (the worst animal cruelty in history is in Gaza), allowing them to bleat and bleed out until they lose consciousness and finally die. Muslims consider the torment, fear and excruciating agony to be Halal.
  • Finally, despite the singularity perceived by some, there is organization, the inevitable group mentality. For example, although not a single Muslim had seen the “blasphemous cartoons” in 2005, demonstrators went to the streets, set buildings afire, injured and even killed people throughout Europe. Not taught to examine facts, they take their leaders’ opinions and follow the pack.

A recent survey showed that 80% of Palestinians support murder. I would propose that the remaining 20% are, as Marco Polo is alleged to have said, “the moderate Muslim(s) who hold the feet of the victim.” Where there are Muslims, there is violence with the expressed objective that Islam will rule the world, with Sharia law imposed over the host country’s laws. If it cannot be done peacefully, they will do so sadistically. They are raised in a teamwork environment, faces covered for guilt-free anonymity. The reality is that all these terrorists are indoctrinated from childhood to sacrifice their individuality for an organization, and are probably psychologically incapable of acting as lone wolves.

via A Pack of Wolves.


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