14-Year-Old Protects Grandmother by Shooting Intruder Dead


Brothers Isai Delcid and Carlos Delcid attempted to break into a home in southeast Charlotte at around 5pm Tuesday when they crept around to the back porch and tried to get in through a window.

George Wyant’s 14-year-old son confronted the robbers, ordering them to stop and telling them he had a gun. When the intruders ignored him, the boy quickly fired off his grandfather’s Glock 380, killing Isai Delcid while his brother fled the scene.

Police later arrested Carlos Delcid having quickly tracked him down via his electronic monitor. He was already on probation for breaking into the same house twice in the past four months. According to WSOC-TV, the brothers had a background of criminal behavior and drug issues. Wyant said the likely target of the robbery was his wife’s prescription pills.

Wyant was grateful for his grandson utilizing the gun to protect his elderly wife who is sick and virtually immobile.

via 14-Year-Old Protects Grandmother by Shooting Intruder Dead –.


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