DEMOCRAT TYPICAL CORRUPT LEAD-PIPE ELECTIONEERING. Was Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu’s connections to the U. S. Attorney’s office the reason James O’Keefe was so aggressively prosecuted five years ago?

Right now, our nation is being torn across racial lines due to the cases ofMichael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York.

Eric Holder has announced investigations by the Civil Rights Division in both of those cases.

Regardless of your thoughts on those cases, we’re announcing today that the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division should recuse itself from investigating those cases.

A veteran attorney in the Civil Rights Division, Karla Dobinski, was yet ANOTHER attorney who had committed “grotesque” prosecutorial misconduct that led to convictions of law enforcement officers.

Get this, Dobinski, was the leader of the “Taint Team” a component of the Civil Rights Division that was tasked polluting the public atmosphere on their active cases against cops.

She’s now part of the team investigating Ferguson and New York.

We know from their record, the Civil Rights Division has no credibility to investigate police misconduct.

That’s why we’ll be calling on Holder to appoint independent counsel to investigate these cases, along with the roles of the White House and Justice Department and their actions that have created racial tension, possibly leading to the riots and destruction that we’ve recently witnessed.

Corrupt Democrat lawyers, DOJ officials, and Louisianna Democrat staff supporting Senator Mary Landrieu facing felonies on their treatment of James O’Keefe. The Communications Director of the Louisiana Democrat Party,

Kirstin Alvanitakis (seen here during her panicked exit)


was caught on camera slandering James personally.  


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