Convention of States Plea Sent to all the Colorado State Legislators (edited)

Dear Honorable Colorado Legislator,

Thank you very much for your leadership representing all of us Coloradoans, advancing our interests, especially our liberty.

I appreciate your continuing to make our state a leading example of citizen and state sovereignty and Federalism.

Please let me know your opinion on what I would describe as a Constitutional emergency caused by all three branches of Federal Government far exceeding their Constitutional endowments.

And please notify me whether you believe that the powerful state-based emergency tool which the Constitution itself provides in Article V should become every State legislator’s top priority.

If our country is truly in a Constitutional emergency what else could possibly dominate your responsibilities if you truly embrace our Founding Principles and inalienable rights?

Our Convention of States Coalitions Director held a Town Hall to explain Article V in Montrose and Grand Junction.  Bob Lewis (303-646-0374, very skillfully answered serious questions from the attendees for an hour beyond his presentation.  The COS highly organized grassroots movement is multiplying in 45 states, so far, with webinar, “Nation Builder” and e-mail collaboration between the national staff, State Directors and HR District Captains every week.

Every state legislator will be receiving requests to support a Convention of States in exponentially increasing numbers.  Georgia, Florida and Alaska have already delivered their COS applications to Congress.  We pray a convention will be scheduled in early 2016 after at least 31 more states have submitted convention applications by the end of 2015.

My Convention of States Director Patricia Anthone (pcdenver@aol.com303-726 2034) is hoping to soon sponsor a Denver COS Town Hall with Bernard Natelson, a major Article V scholar at the Independence Institute, being the main speaker, along with Kevin Lundberg and Lori Saine.

Contact me, Jeff Hogan, 970-417-4165, for questions, literature, informal meetings or Town Hall Article V presentations.


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