Tonight’s The Night, 7 pm, Montrose Fairgrounds, Friendship Hall, Pioneer Room: A TOWN HALL ON STATE LEGISLATURES PROPOSING AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION

Are you sanguine about the extent to which the Constitution has been violated with a resultingly overwhelming powerful and liberty-destroying 3 branches of government? Are you so far removed from your responsibility to restore freedom (shame on you) that you don’t see the emergency we are in? Doesn’t our financial and moral collapse compel you to action? Why leave all the activism to our elderly citizens (most young people are lost in trivial pursuits of titillation) who seem to be the only ones who see the wreckage of what they once knew as a Civil Society?

The founders designed Article V in the Constitution exactly for such a time as this, for the citizens and the states to remedy this abuse forever! They knew that power could easily corrupt all the branches of government and destroy our founding principles base on our God-given birthright.

Please join us tonight, or in another Town Hall soon, to learn how we can gradually shift power away from the central planners (like the Obamacare MIT architect "intellectual" Jonathan Gruber who believed it necessary to exploit unawareness (stupidity) about Obamacare in order to get it passed.

Thomas Jefferson described just the opposite strategy from that employed by the tyrannical progressive statists

Convention of States, Jeff.docx
Nov 13 Town Hall.docx


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