Thursday November 13, Montrose, Colorado Fairgroundsk, Friendship Hall Pioneer Room Town Hall on the ability of State Legislatures to Reduce the Overreach of the Federal Government

Do you want to help restore Constitutional Government, restore our Inalienable Rights, and restore a Civil Society?

Have you given up on trying to make a difference to restore liberty?

Do you believe returning to the simple enumerated rights the Constitution grants the three branches of Government would resolve runaway Government?

Do you believe yesterday’s shifting of the balance in the Congress, (even if it included the Presidency), towards more of a Republican majority will restore Constitutionalism? No way.

(Please notify me if you don’t want to receive these kinds of e-mails. My e-mail address book has recently been lost and restored as just one list so that I can’t send this kind of e-mail to the appropriate subgroup within my 500 person address book. You can help me re-organize it if you will respond!)

Article V was specifically written for the Constitutional abuse that has been increasing exponentially since Teddy Roosevelt.

The emergency process the Founders provided in Article V enables State Legislatures to wield their authority to institute Amendments to counteract an out-of-control Federal Government.

Please read the two attachments, and, if possible, attend my November 13 Town Hall which will explain how the State Senators and Representatives can add amendments to the Constitution to restore our Federal Government to its Constitutional limitations. And that Town Hall will explain how you can be critically involved in this process.

–Jeff Hogan

Convention of States Colorado House Representative District 58 District Captain
67180 Omar Court
Montrose, CO 81401

Nov 13 Town Hall.docx

Convention of States, 850 words.docx


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