The ultimate legal restriction on all three branches of government has been effectively abolished since the days of Theodore Roosevelt.




























Jeff Hogan, November 1, 2014,, 970-417-4165

The ultimate legal restriction on all three branches of government has been effectively abolished since the days of Theodore Roosevelt. That tiny document, the United States Constitution, granted Government very limited powers, but adequate for the protection of our unalienable liberties as defined in the Declaration of Independence. The lack of integrity Government has taken with our Constitution coincides with the evaporation of our culture of liberty, morality and individual sovereignty.

“Washington, D.C., will never voluntarily relinquish meaningful power—no matter who is elected. The only rational conclusion is this: unless some political force outside of Washington, D.C., intervenes, the federal government will continue to bankrupt this nation, embezzle the legitimate authority of the states, and destroy the liberty of the people. Rather than securing the blessings of liberty for future generations, Washington, D.C., is on a path that will enslave our children and grandchildren to the debts of the past.” Senator Tom Coburn

Congress has become a dynastic ruling class, legislating as if their authority was unlimited, often forcing the states to relinquish their Constitutional rights. They’ve balanced the budget 5 times in 55 years. The lawless Executive Branch is issuing endless overreaching Executive Orders, violating religious freedom, releasing illegal alien criminals and rapists from prison, refusing to secure our borders, not conducting adequate counterterrorism and discouraging domestic energy development. And worst of all, the lifetime appointed Supreme Court has repeatedly failed to enforce the original intent of the Constitution.

The only solution to returning Government to its Constitutional limitations and restoring the rights relinquished by the States, communities and individuals, is the remedy of structural change provided by the Constitution itself!  That one solution is the entire purpose of Article V!  State Senators and Representatives do not have a more important priority than to draw up a Convention of States application to Congress.   State Legislatures are sworn to uphold the Constitution and are obligated to defend the rights of the people and win back the sovereign authority of the states.

The nationwide Convention of States movement is led by one of the co-founders of the Tea Party, the founder/leader of the extremely successful Homeschool Legal Defense Foundation and the pre-eminent legal expert on Article V.  But this movement is also intentionally driven by dozens of volunteers in every state of the union who will be recruiting hundreds of citizens to compel their state representatives to draft a Convention of States application with subject matter identical to applications from at least 34 other states.  I’ve been in contact with over fifty of the Colorado volunteers.

The JEFFERSON STATEMENT, drafted September 11, 2014 by former members of the Reagan Administration, seasoned Supreme Court litigators and Ivy League professors, captures the essence of Article V.

The Constitution’s Framers foresaw a day when the federal government would exceed and abuse its enumerated powers, thus placing our liberty at risk. George Mason was instrumental in fashioning a mechanism by which “we the people” could defend our freedom—the ultimate check on federal power contained in Article V of the Constitution.

Article V provides the states with the opportunity to propose constitutional amendments through a process called a Convention of States. This process is controlled by the states from beginning to end on all substantive matters.

A Convention of States is convened when 34 state legislatures pass resolutions (applications) on an agreed topic or set of topics. The Convention is limited to considering amendments on these specified topics.

While some have expressed fears that a Convention of States might be misused or improperly controlled by Congress, it is our considered judgment that the checks and balances in the Constitution are more than sufficient to ensure the integrity of the process.

The Convention of States mechanism is safe, and it is the only constitutionally effective means available to do what is so essential for our nation—restoring robust federalism with genuine checks on the power of the federal government.

We share the Founders’ conviction that proper decision-making structures are essential to preserve liberty. We believe that the problems facing our nation require several structural limitations on the exercise of federal power. While fiscal restraints are essential, we believe the most effective course is to pursue reasonable limitations, fully in line with the vision of our Founders, on the federal government.

Accordingly, we endorse the Convention of States Project, which calls for an Article V Convention for “the sole purpose of proposing amendments that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress.”

Please join us today and invite everyone you know to share in this fantastic venture of liberty. The resources below will equip you to promote Convention of States.


Convention of States Web Site
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State Legislatures Article V Caucus
Handbook for Legislatures and Citizens
Application for a Convention of States
Convention of States Debate Videos
Michael Farris vs Bob Marshall debate videos
Rebuttals to arguments against Article V
Can we trust the Constitution?
Liberty Amendments hardcover
Liberty Amendments Kindle
Short Video Proving Why We’ll Never Gain a Constitution-Adhering Majority in the Senate or the House
Tricia Anthone, State COS Director 303-726-2034,



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