Flashback: When Presidents Respected the Constitution

“I want the people of America to be able to work less for the government and more for themselves.  I want them to have the rewards of their own industry.  That is the chief meaning of freedom.”

Those words are taken from Calvin Coolidge’s Inaugural Address of March 4, 1925.  Even then, conservatives like Coolidge were battling progressives over taxes and spending.  Today, with federal taxes approaching a 30-year high, those words are more relevant than ever.

The concept of limited government is the fundamental divide separating conservatives and liberals.  Conservatives hold dear the Constitution’s enumerated powers clause and the protections of property guaranteed by the Constitution’s Fourth and Fifth Amendments.  Liberals behave as if the Constitution did not exist.

via Articles: Flashback: When Presidents Respected the Constitution.


One thought on “Flashback: When Presidents Respected the Constitution

  1. If there was bona fide respect for the U.S. Constitution, we would repeal the income tax and all other policies that violate the U.S. Constitution. The problem is that Progressives twist various parts of the U.S. Constitution to make up rights which do not exist.

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