Maybe it’s All About Integrity

Maybe it’s All About Integrity

By Gene M. Van Son

Boy, have we got problems.

There are radical Islamist extremists out there who want to kill all non-Muslims and establish a worldwide caliphate, and the Ebola virus that just wants to kill any human being it comes in contact with. Putin seems bound and determined to restore the Soviet Union to its former glory, and China is trying to undermine the dollar while slowly building up its military. And it’s a sure bet North Korea and Iran are up to something as well.

Here at home, we have more people on government assistance than ever, more people who have left the workforce than ever before, more children being born out of wedlock than ever, a stagnant economy, a staggering debt, and a border that’s as porous as a sieve. And if this wasn’t enough, the LGBT crowd wants to redefine marriage, atheists and secularists want God out of the public square altogether, and according to some, global warming climate change needs to be dealt with now or we’re all gonna’ die.

We still need to fix our education system (even though Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education way back in 1980 to fix education once and for all, and every president since then has put forward his own plan to fix education as well); and according to the progressives our approach to energy is all wrong (even though Jimmy Carter established the Department of Energy in 1977 to fix all our energy problems).

It’s also pretty clear that our tax code needs reforming (still); our immigration system needs reforming (still or again, depending on your point of view); the EPA is out of control; and the VA is still a mess. Even our criminal justice system needs reforming (Google “restorative justice”). And now that Obamacare has completely screwed up healthcare, it needs more fixing than it did before. Some folks even think we should move away from capitalism in favor of distributism, not to be confused with redistribution, which is what socialists and progressives are pushing. And if all this isn’t depressing enough our police departments are becoming militarized while our military is being downsized.

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