Climate apocalypse march Sunday draws true believers

Over a hundred thousand true believers marched in New York City for the People’s Climate March to profess their faith in the power of greenhouse gases.  These trace chemicals (especially carbon dioxide) have been imbued with such awesome characteristics as to draw the faithful from the ends of the nation and beyond.

Left-wing environmentalist dogma demands that 0.04% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will bring about hell on earth — overwhelming the variability of water vapor at 0% through 4% concentration and the liquid and solid phases of water (besides the energy associated with the phase changes of water, and oceanic circulations).

Given the stabilizing qualities of water, it’s not surprising that real-world data have belied the prophesies of doom.  Yet Mother Earth’s congregants soldier on.  Such is blind faith.

The faithful still dream that tragedy will strike or at least that they can continue to use the specter of impending doom to proselytize others.

via Blog: Climate apocalypse march Sunday draws true believers.


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