Tom DeLay: Americans’ Rejecting Obama’s Marxist Progressivism – Tea Party News

“He’s as left as you can get, he’s one of those radical leftists, we all know that,” DeLay said. “He is a Marxist. He was raised by Marxist grandparents, he was raised in that community. He is a Marxist and the left has accelerated since he’s been president. That’s the bad news. The good news is the American people are seeing it up front and personal and that’s why you saw the election in 2010 and you’ll see it in this election. The people are starting to reject this leftist progressivism that they know that isn’t America, is not constitutional, and they’re rejecting it and that’s encouraging to me.”

“Austin, Texas is as liberal a city as San Francisco, if you will,” he said. “We call it the People’s Republic of Austin. Usually when you find that, you find the left, and it’s like an island in Texas. Just as blue as you can get. They had a district attorney that wasn’t embarrassed to abuse his office. It wasn’t just me — I’m not complaining — but you saw Rick Perry, and he also indicted Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. He even indicted some of his Democrat enemies. He used that office to go after his political enemies.

“But it’s bigger than that. The criminalization of politics is a political strategy that the left uses. It’s right there in Saul Alinsky’s book, ‘Rules of a Radical,’ where if you can’t beat them at the ballot box, you put them in jail, put them in their grave and dance on their grave. It’s a working strategy. I can tell you a lot of people that won’t run for office because they won’t put their family through what I’ve been through or leaders won’t stick their head up because they’re scared to death of getting knocked off. It is a concerted, manipulated strategy of politics that we don’t use and I’m not advocating that we use it. The left uses it and we allow it to happen.”

via Tom DeLay: Americans’ Rejecting Obama’s Marxist Progressivism – Tea Party News.


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