The beheading of Palmira Silva and terrorism

Besides the nature of the gruesome attack, it is troubling that before Ms. Silva likely bled out, police were saying the killing was not terrorist related. A police force more interested in appeasing its Muslim population than investigating what actually happened is troubling but hardly surprising in the United Kingdom, a country whose practices are now dictated by its jihadi-loving Muslims.

The beheading comes only a few days after the release of a report by Professor Alexis Jay about the sexual exploitation of about 1400 young, mainly white girls at the hands of organized gangs made up of mainly Pakistani Muslim men. The authorities knew what was going on but looked the other way, lest they be thought of as being “racist.”

Serious violent crimes are ignored out of a fear of offending Muslims or of being seen as racist

via The beheading of Palmira Silva and terrorism.


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