President and Commander In Chief Barack Obama missed 6 of 10 daily intelligence briefings –

The President of the United States, the most powerful person in the world, receives live, in-person Presidential Daily Briefs (PDB) that allow the Commander-in-Chief the chance for critical followup, feedback, questions, and the challenging of flawed intelligence assumptions.

An alarming report by the Governmental Accountability Institute (GAI) says that, in the 2,079 days (1/20/2009 thru’ 9/29/2014) since he became President and Commander-In-Chief, Barack Obama has attended a total of only 875 PDBs for an overall 42.09% attendance rate.

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Progressives’ Voter Registration Fraud in Texas

There’s a fierce battle to turn Texas from Red to Blue. A group called “Battleground Texas” is spending millions to flood the state with operatives and “community organizers.” Their goal: Elect Wendy Davis governor and – more ominously – make Texas a swing state in 2016.
Not on our watch. Project Veritas has been fighting to preserve the integrity of Texas elections. We exposed the collusion and illegal voter registration practices of the leftwing group “Battleground Texas earlier this year. Employees of Battleground Texas were fired amid a media firestorm. 
Once again we’ve caught them red-handed

Oklahoma: Muslim BEHEADS Female Co-Worker At Food-Processing Plant, Starts to Behead Another Before being Shot, Tried to Convert Co-Workers to Islam –

Oklahoma: Muslim BEHEADS Female Co-Worker At Food-Processing Plant, Starts to Behead Another Before being Shot, Tried to Convert Co-Workers to Islam

Qur’an 47:4: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…”

Former co-workers said he tried to convert them to Islam after recently converting himself. The New York Daily News does not mention that salient fact in its coveragehere but they will run vicious attacks on our jihad-awareness ads.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections records show the suspect, whom The Associated Press is not naming because he has not been charged, has multiple religious tattoos, including one in Arabic that means “peace be with you.”

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Oklahoma beheader’s mosque taught caliphate, destruction of US and Israel –

At first, the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City had denied that beheader Jah’keem Yisrael, nee Alton Nolen, attended mosque or that they were familiar with him. When pictures emerged of Jah’keem praying at the mosque on his Facebook page, their story radically changed. The media seamlessly reports the morphing narrative without question.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Mr. Nolen was a regular at the Friday service at Masjid An-Nasr, a mosque in Oklahoma City, said Saad Mohammed, director of Islamic information at the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, which operates it.

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Liena and her family turned down offers of asylum in Western countries after civil war broke out in Syria.

They knew the cost that might be required, but they chose to remain as witnesses to their Muslim neighbors and as an encouragement to other Christians.  Liena was a dedicated Christian, faithful wife and mother of two. In her prayers, she asked God to use her to reach more people. And then God asked her to make one more commitment.  Watch the dramatic testimony of Liena’s Prayer, as she struggles with the difficult decision of how much she can offer God.  You may never pray the same again.

Islamic State Fighters Accused of Raping ‘Thousands of Women’ and Girls as Young as Age 9 –

The Islamic State group claims to be pushing a more moral, religious society in the territories it has captured, but multiple reports in recent days have revealed the widespread rape of women and girls – some as young as 9 – by jihadi fighters, an outrage one publication described as occurring on an “industrial scale.”

Quoting an unnamed Iraqi official, the New York Post reported Monday that Islamic State militants are estimated to have raped thousands of women in Iraq and Syria, motivated by the desire to perpetuate their DNA, by the blessing of an Islamic cleric and that “they are just plain out for twisted thrills.”

“The fighters say that they’ve been ordered to have sex by a cleric in Saudi Arabia,” the Iraqi official said. “It’s really just an excuse.”

The growing Islamic State threat was made clear after the group seized large parts of Iraq in a lightning June offensive, sweeping aside ineffective Iraqi forces. It declared a “caliphate” in parts of Syria and Iraq it controls and has committed widespread atrocities, including beheadings, crucifixions, rapes and selling women into slavery.

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Naked, Contemptuous Assault on Constitution by Obama IRS Unmasked

Government agencies frequently violate the Constitution, which is America’s supreme, fundamental and paramount law governing government itself.

Rarely, however, are government agencies so blatant as the Obama IRS, which was caught by the Inspector General targeting grassroots education about the Constitution.

Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz writing at The Volokh Conspiracy broke the story about a May 2013 Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report on the “inappropriate criteria” used by the IRS to target applicants for tax-exempt status.

TIGTA found that in January 2012, the IRS revised its criteria of suspicious applicants to harass, and ultimately delay or deny tax-exempt status. The new criteria included “Political action type organizations involved in limiting/expanding government, educating on the constitution [sic] and bill of rights [sic], social economic reform/movement.”

Words fail to describe how utterly contemptuous of the law — nay, all Americans themselves — this is. Even education about the Bill of Rights was expressly targeted. That irony is assuredly lost on the IRS, which probably doesn’t know (or care) that the Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution, binding and governing these lawbreaking bureaucratic “extremists.”

This is the IRS influencing the 2012 election on behalf of President Obama. Influencing elections is the very sin that the IRS used to justify targeting conservative, patriotic applicants.

That the IRS actually targeted grassroots efforts to educate and inform Americans about the Constitution — and don’t forget the Bill of Rights, Ms. Lerner — is not surprising at this stage of exposure of the entire Obama administration’s derogation of duty. It is, however, unforgivable.

The Obama administration’s lawbreaking and lawlessness are irredeemable. They seem to have an almost-sociopathic approach to lawless governing, and are like that element within society incapable of rehabilitation. They are what the Constitution was written to prohibit, which explains their contempt for that law.

At the 2009 Constitution Day conference held at Cato Institute, I turned to some constitutional law colleagues and said, “Isn’t it great that people are discussing the Constitution more than ever, even at gatherings in their homes?” The year 2009 was, of course, when the Tea Party came to be.

We lawyers who fought the government over its constitutional violations were weary and disappointed that the general public too often had seemed to lack the concern that the Constitution was ignored, beaten and broken. This was, after all, their law over government.

In 2009, the cavalry was arriving. The Obama IRS has a de facto war on Americans protecting our foundations based in the rule of law governing government itself.

Thanks to Professor Rosenkranz for finding what the Congress and entire American press seem to have missed since May 2013.

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The Liberal Gulag, Again

When Gawker’s Adam Weinstein wrote of his desire to imprison people who disagree with him politically, publishing an essay under the very straightforward headline “Arrest Climate-Change Deniers,” I noted that this was part of the Left’s ongoing, worrisome drift toward authoritarianism. The response was nearly unanimous: that it was unfair to tar the entire Left with the views of one knucklehead writing for Gawker, a man who should not be taken seriously writing for an outlet that should not be taken seriously. While I am sympathetic to that line of argument, the fact is that as a practical matter we do have to take all sorts of foolish and backward people and institutions seriously.

Now that the would-be gulag warden is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., speaking to what everybody loudly assures me was a cheering throng of historic proportions, what will they say? That the world’s largest climate-change march, and those who participated in it, are insignificant? Mr. Kennedy, who has been kept out of one of New York’s Senate seats only by happy circumstance, says that he believes his opponents to be guilty of “treason” — his word — and wants them convicted of crimes — “They ought to be serving time,” he says.

As in the case of Mr. Weinstein, I am open to the argument that in a sane world Mr. Kennedy would not be taken seriously, inasmuch as he is a witless pile of ground chuck molded into the shape of a politician, but we do not live in a sane world. We live in this world, one in which Senate Democrats are working feverishly to repeal the First Amendment while Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gleefully contemplates the prospect of building prison camps for political dissidents.

That is what you are voting for when you vote Democratic. If you are uncomfortable with that, then you should reconsider your affiliations. If you are not uncomfortable with that, then you have failed as a human being, but you should at least have the courage of your convictions and be as forthright as possible that you want to imprison people for thought crimes and political disagreement.

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Former CIA Asset: Obama is Indonesian Citizen who was “bought and paid for by the Saudis” –

A former CIA asset, Dr. Jim Garrow, is making headlines again by claiming that Barack Obama is an Indonesian citizen who was educated in a school for Imams and subsequently put in place by the Saudis to bring down America.

In an interview with Dr. James David Manning, Garrow also references a document which supports most of his claims while citing that “Every intelligence service in the world has this document.” I am not sure how accurate that claim is, but I know you would be hard pressed to find someone in the conservative blogosphere who does not have an image of Barack Hussein Obama’s Indonesian school registration. It is in fact proof that he was an Indonesian citizen at one time. Whether he is still legally an Indonesian citizen is up for constitutional scholars to decide. Here is a glimpse of the document in question.

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