Sustainable Development: The Universal Solvent of Private Property Rights. This is Agenda 21 that’s infiltrated every U.S. community and every Progressive brain.

Far from the realm of primitive physical sciences, another universal solvent has been created by the progressive social engineers. It is able to limit personal freedoms, diminish private property rights, destroy the useful products of civilization and their means of production, deprive humanity of natural resources and their access, and impose hardship on the least prosperous members of humanity. I term it “The Progressives’ Stone,” as it can do all this and more. Regrettably, it is real and not mythical. It permeates all levels of our government.

“Sustainability” is the embodiment of the planner’s “Progressives’ Stone,” a  universal  societal solvent… infinitely elastic and open-ended in its ability to justify most any action taken in the name of social and environmental justice.  It is the societal equivalent of the ancient “royal water” in its corrosive properties when employed against our constitutionally mandated unalienable rights of ordinary free citizens.

via Articles: Sustainability: The Universal Solvent of Private Property Rights.


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