Progressives’ Victimhood Deceit

I recently read an article entitled “What Black Parents Tell Their Sons About the Police” and I began to ponder the downward spiral in race relations over the past five years. According to the author Jazmine Hughes:

“Such is the burden of black parenting. Being a black parent, especially of a black boy, comes with the added onus of having to protect your child from a country that is out to get him — a country that kills someone that looks like him every 28 hours, a country that will likely imprison him by his mid-thirties if he doesn’t get his high school diploma, a country that is more than twice as likely to suspend him from school than a white classmate. “

By the way, this author does not have any Black sons, or any children at all, but she promises that she will and when that momentous birth occurs, she will raise them in fear of the cops. She somehow believes that it is inevitable that failure will visit the Black boy or man and these events are beyond his/her control. She is certain of the inevitable “victimhood” of Black people — especially Black men. It is beyond their control to graduate from high school and not engage in activities that will encourage suspension from school, arrest, or incarceration.

via Articles: The Fairytale of the Victimhood.


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