Despite the aggressive and deceitful coverup and complicity by the Executive branch and Dept. of Justice, the Lerner e-mails can be provided to the Congress

This is contempt of Congress and obstruction of justice through destruction of evidence; and the IRS Director lying to Congress. The Dept of Justice is complicit in the IRS harrassment of Conservative action groups and in the coverup; and yet is charged with conducting the criminal investigation!!  A main criminal actor investigating its own criminality. DOJ is obviously in colusion with the IRS. The DOJ is drastically negligent in not assigning a Special Prosecutor.  So the Civil suits will be the only way to indict the DOJ and IRS. This is unprecedented Progressive Statist government corruption by those whose ideology trumps the law and the Constitution.

The “lost” emails do exist.

That’s what an attorney for the IRS just admitted.

For months the Obama Administration swore under oath that Lois Lerner’s emails were “lost.”

These emails from the former top IRS official at the center of the IRS targeting scandal are key evidence in the case.

The Obama Administration’s cover-up is being exposed.

The truth is coming out.

We must hold the Obama Administration accountable for unconstitutionally targeting Americans. We must see justice done.

We’re aggressively battling the IRS in federal court on behalf of 41 targeted conservative and pro-life groups from 22 states. We’re working in Congress to get the truth.



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