America’s Age of the Feuilliton

Any thinking American has surely observed that our culture and society are growing more and more immature, childish and unthinking with each passing year.  In previous articles I’ve noted this immaturity, as well as the tendency (neither coincidental, nor accidental) to make Americans more and more dependent upon the government for even the most basic needs of life.

There are several interrelated cultural and political agendas at work which have systematically worked to create this state of affairs among the American people—and these are largely the work of social and political “progressivism,” the handiwork of the Left.  Let’s face it—it is to the benefit of left-wingers to cause as many people as they possibly can to be dumb, distracted, and therefore destitute of the ability to think for themselves or to successfully reason their way into informed opinions about complex social and economic issues.

One of the major ways in which the Left dumbs down the American population is through the public education system.  I’ve observed previously that the Left is not genuinely interested in our children receiving a thorough and useful education, no matter how much they may squawk about “funding” and whatnot.  For the Left, publik skoolz are merely a means by which to propagandize children to a leftist worldview while simultaneously rendering them unable to question the unreality they have been taught.  The Left has absolutely no desire for children to grow up into college students, and then into full-fledged adults, who can think for themselves, using logic and reason to assess what they see and hear and to come to their own conclusions.

via America’s Age of the Feuilliton.


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