The Real Reason for the Tantrum in Ferguson

Ultimately, for the left, the criminals exploiting Michael Brown’s death serve the same purpose as the morons that occupied Wall Street — camera fodder to advance the narrative.

The most basic explanation for what’s happening in Ferguson, though, was given by an anonymous man observing the chaos.  “If it wasn’t for the looting, we wouldn’t get the attention.”

“Attention.”  That’s what it’s about for the protestors and looters on the streets, aside from the nifty swag and the fun to be had in destroying things and hurting people.  And incidentally, that’s what it’s about for the media, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and the Democrat elite out peddling racial and economic inequality as an institutional condition.

It’s not about any perceived racial injustice.  It’s about the attention that a perceived racial injustice affords them.  It’s the equivalent of a child’s tantrum, and they’re angry that the adults aren’t taking them more seriously.  And like a child, they get madder and madder about that, but only know how to get louder and louder while repeating the same tired gibberish — in this case, about systemically applied poverty in a racist, greedy America.

via Articles: The Real Reason for the Tantrum in Ferguson.


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