Articles: ‘The Insanity of Blaming Islam’

But individual acts of terror are hardly the main point. Islamic fundamentalist movements and Mullahs across the Ummah readily proclaim their wrath against West and state their determination to destroy Western civilization. The individual acts of terrorism are part of the worldwide jihadist movement. It is their Islamic duty to destroy corrupt, filthy Western civilization which translates into destroying corrupt, filthy Westerners.

As Mr. Ambinder states, the jihadist acts are “ideologically driven.” Correct, Mr. Ambinder. Ideologically driven and the ideology is driven by Islamic doctrine. Can there be a clearer example than ISIS which continues to slaughter and butcher Yazidi men, women, and children even after President Obama declared a successful halt to their self-proclaimed Islamization of captured territory?

No, Mr. Ambinder. The question is not what is it about America that radicalizes Muslims but what is it about Islam that makes it a Petri dish for Islamists. The “insanity” Mr. Ambinder? The insanity is not to blame Islam.

via Articles: 'The Insanity of Blaming Islam'.


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