Great health insurance not allowed by Democrats

You have often heard conservatives talk about how ObamaCare has made health insurance in this country worse, and that’s true. But did you know that in the case of many people, that was the idea?

It will not take effect until 2018, but one of the least reported-on aspects of ObamaCare is the so-called Cadillac Tax, which penalizes employers who provide their employees with health insurance that is too good. And even though the implantation of the tax is more than three years away, it’s already having an effect – and if you’re one of those whose insurance is being impacted, you won’t like it one bit.

Knowing that the Cadillac Tax is on the horizon, large employers are already shifting their employees to what they call consumer-directed health care plans. These do not provide anywhere near the generous benefits employees have been used to, and that was exactly what Democrats had in mind when they drafted ObamaCare and decided to include the Cadillac Tax.

via Great health insurance not allowed by Democrats.


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