University of North Carolina–Wilmington Institutionalized Unlawful Political Correctness Dealt a Severe Blow

A beautiful example of political correctness ACTUALLY UNLAWFULLY IMPOSEDin nearly every college and public school, throughout government, in most judicial districts, at nearly every media outlet, and in most of the popular culture. Progressivism’s policies VIOLATE THE LAW!  We must use the law and the Constitution to restore the law and the Constitution.  


One thought on “University of North Carolina–Wilmington Institutionalized Unlawful Political Correctness Dealt a Severe Blow

  1. Imagine a professor at a Christian university having a homosexual “conversion” and proceeding to become a major spokesperson for gay rights. Could the university take steps without running afoul of this verdict? He who lives by the courts shall also die by the courts.

    OTOH, it is good that academia is being “outed” as an activist stronghold of progressivism. Parasites they are, one of many kinds afflicting the productive sector via government mandate. Indeed, the cumulative weight of the parasites is soon to exceed that of the hosts. England exemplifies this, as Margaret Thatcher foresaw…

    Interviewer: There are those nasty critics, of course, who suggest that you don’t really want to bring [the Labour Party] down at the moment. Life is a bit too difficult in the country, and that … leave them to sort the mess out and then come in with the attack later … say next year.

    Margaret Thatcher: I would much prefer to bring them down as soon as possible. I think they’ve made the biggest financial mess that any government’s ever made in this country for a very long time, and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them. They then start to nationalise everything, and people just do not like more and more nationalisation, and they’re now trying to control everything by other means. They’re progressively reducing the choice available to ordinary people.


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