Benghazi: Now What Difference Does It Make?

By Peter Kirsanow
May 1, 2014 1:37 PM
Because of the release of a covered-up email that should’ve been turned over to Congress long ago, we can see it’s the difference between:
Lying, stonewalling, and corrupting the political process to influence the outcome of a presidential election . . . and standing on your record of failure, neglect, and incompetence.

A president and secretary of state who hide behind an (at best) clueless surrogate in order to perpetrate a fraud on the American people with electoral impunity . . . and said president and secretary taking responsibility for profoundderelictions of duty and failure of policy.

Embarrassingly sycophantic members of the media who act as the administration’s attack dogs . . . and members who remember that in a democratic republic they’re supposed to act as watch dogs.

Lying to the grieving parents of the fallen to cover up your own gross negligence and preserve your political viability . . . and tendering your resignation because you failed to act despite numerous explicit warnings and pleas for help.

Arresting an obscure producer of an even more obscure Internet video in order to perpetuate a deceitful narrative . . . and arresting/killing the terrorists responsible for the carnage, who continue to mock the United States in plain sight.

A president who completely disappears during a terror-related crisis . . . and one who takes visible command of the crisis as it unfolds.

Appearing on Pakistani TV to issue a groveling apology to further perpetuate a deceitful narrative . . . and appearing on American TV to apologize to Americans for not discharging the most fundamental responsibilities of a commander-in-chief.

A Congress cowed by poll numbers and their own ineptitude from conducting serious hearings before a select committee . . . and a Congress more concerned about performing their constitutional duty to conduct oversight on matters of national security and governmental corruption.

An American people deceived by a blizzard of lies and distracted by divisive rhetoric . . . and a people aware that the policies and actions of the administration are fundamentally transforming the country into an almost unrecognizable shell of its former self.

Four dead Americans . . . and four live Americans.


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