Minnesota U.S. Representative Keith Ellison admits what all Democrats should: End the 2nd Amendment

US MN Rep Keith Ellison is not known for being particularly smart. He gets by on the standard left-wing canards of incendiary race-baiting and income inequality rhetoric, but no one would accuse him of being a “big thinker.” Even his own party spends a fair amount of time trying to distance itself from his proclamations. However, on Friday night’s Real Time with Bill Maher, he said something that the Democrat Party should embrace.

According to Maher, who – of course – is an admitted gun owner, America is a country ruled by crazed gang of radical gun nuts. He’s terribly upset that the Constitution is standing in the way of putting an end to this, so he wants it altered.  To that end, he asked Ellison why the Democrat party doesn’t just ‘come out’ of the anti-gun closet and wage open warfare against the 2nd Amendment.

“Then why doesn’t your party come out against the Second Amendment? It’s the problem.” Maher asked.

“I sure wish they would,” replied Ellison. “I sure wish they would.”


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