How often have you heard some incredibly naïve do-gooder refer to a well intentioned collectivist idea or policy as “for the common good.”

Over a century of cold, demonic, pervasive, secular humanist, cultural Marxist political correctness has innoculated us with the toxic venom of inert mindedness justified by its religion of social justice, culminating in the eradication of natural law, commandeering our education, values, churches, politics and culture.  Rouseau’s “General Will” (collectivism) has been implemented on such massive scale, without our protest, that conscience (the most divine and human part of us), hardly exists.  We are mentally inert automatons, barely distinguishable from the electronic devices that rule our day.

We must restore all the self-evident definitions the Common-ists have co-opted and perverted to their devious ends.  Name those definitions and name those Common-ists, like Mitt Romney and all run-of-the-mill Republicans, none who intensely fight to restore a country rapidly falling into the sink hole of moral relativism and Progressivism.  Few are weaponized by legal, Constitutional expertise.  Their definition of freedom is so anemic they can’t impress you any of their lip service about restoring life, liberty and property.

Tom DeWeese wrote one of his typical tour-de-force 20 page articles called “Dawn of the Era of Common-Ism” in May 2007.  If you don’t have the time to read and disseminate essays like this, you don’t have time to restore liberty.  You are a Common-ist Conservative.


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