Arguments Against the Convention of the States Do Not Hold Up

When a sick patient develops a life-threatening infection,  a physician cannot “defend” that patient’s health by protecting the patient from additional infections,  nor by declaring the infections to be “unhealthy.”  Similarly,  it is too late in the day for us to preserve our Constitution by electing more conservatives or getting state legislatures to declare acts of Congress to be unlawful.  The proper remedy is to administer the appropriate antibiotic—in this case,  amendments that oust the infection of harmful judicial precedents and restore the original meaning of the specific,  enumerated powers. 

We must restore the original meaning of the Constitution in explicit terms,  rescuing it from current,  perverted interpretations which carry the force of law,  in order to truly and effectively “defend” it. 

Of course,  because the plan advocated by Kelly and the growing grassroots movement of the Convention of States Project is a specific action plan,  it entails considerably more effort than the alternative “tell-them-to-do-their-job” idea.  But the reward for our labors will be real.  Please join our movement today,  and march with us toward a restored America.


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