Here’s an extremely damning blockbuster video. (Not only do “Progressive” Retrogressive Warmists Reject Natural Law; they certainly reject Natural Climate Change.

The hard “cold” facts expose the warmists as fraudulantly prostituting for research grants, political advantage, enviro-globalist regulations, and like typical Progressives in their hermetically sealed politically correct echo chambers, they won’t answer questions and they won’t debate the issue!!

There’s been no killer heat waves since the 50’s.

Watch this video to see how the warming scare began in 1957 with the understandably motivating (but uncorrelated) backdrop of rampant air pollution, by a master deceiver, Roger Revelle, who’s protoge was Al Gore. Roger Revelle renounced the global warming fraud in his later years before he died in 1991, so Al Gore counter-renounced him as “senile.”

Progressives will advance any fraud they believe gives them political advantage and global unity! True Nihilists! I’m sure their pantheism is a major driver.  Secular humanists are compulsive power seekers.

The media is so invested in this fraud that they frantically hide the fact that 9000 PHDs and 31,000 scientists have signed a petition denying anthropomorphic global warming.


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