Syrian Muslims kill Christians as human sacrifice

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The noble Syrian Muslim “Religion of Peace” jihadists, whom Obama last year had wanted us to go to war for and who are still being funded and trained by the CIA, have now “graduated” from cutting out and eating the heart of Christians to offering them as human sacrifices to their moon god Allah.

Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat report for, March 11, 2014, that Muslims in Syria have conducted an actual real-life human sacrifice, and even captured it in a video [I won’t view it, but if you want to:].

In the video the speaker uses the term Qurbān, which can only signify a sacrifice.


One thought on “Syrian Muslims kill Christians as human sacrifice

  1. If the video, including the audio and subtitles, is genuine, there is little question that this murder was characterized as a sacrifice to Allah. But do we know these victims were Christians and “sacrificed” for being Christians as the headline states? The source material does not indicate this.

    Whether the victims are Christians or not, the “sacrifice” is deplorable and offensive to God and to all who believe that God is love and does not desire sacrifice. God is not mocked; they will reap what they sow.

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