Holder and Obama Are a Moral Disgrace and Have Committed Impeachable Violations of the Constitution

From: http://agenda21radio.com/?p=5761

“Owens stated that Obama deceived the American people by announcing that his position on same-sex marriage had “evolved.”

“That is not true. He made the deal with the gay community to let him get elected – his second election – that he would take the issue up,” Owens charged. “But it was always there; he did not ‘evolve.’ It was already there because of their commitments of very large sums of money and his relationship with them.”

“Eric Holder and Mr. Obama – I will respect his office, I don’t respect him because he’s a deceiver, he’s not true, I have no respect for the president, but since he is the president, I will give the dignity of his office respect – they have deceived the people,” Owens continued. “They want their way like a little baby – our way or no way.””


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