Support the Colorado Mom’s Bill, SB-136. Tell legislators we want Colorado to conduct an independent cost analysis & review of Common Core standards & PARCC test before more time or money is lost.

There has been no cost analysis to determine how much it will cost taxpayers to implement the new standardized test called PARCC. We believe taxpayers should know the cost prior to implementation; it is estimated to be $231,000,000 just to implement PARCC and Common Core in Colorado.

This high stakes PARCC test replaces CSAP/TCAP, will be taken by grades 3-8 & High School and will be MULTIPLE TIMES PER YEAR, meaning more classroom time lost. PARCC must be taken on a computer, requiring all schools to purchase computers, bandwidth, infrastructure simply to take the PARCC test. The PARCC test is new and unproven. Waiting one year will provide feedback from areas piloting the test, allowing Colorado to make a more informed decision as to whether this is the best test for Colorado. 17 states across our Nation have withdrawn from PARCC or its sister test, Smarter Balanced.

The Common Core Standards are also controversial; parents, legislators, local school boards, and teachers had NO INPUT on their adoption. Currently 24 states are submitting legislation to withdraw or review Common Core standards. We want to ensure Colorado’s standards will be among the highest in the nation; making our children internationally competitive and college ready. SB-136 will delay implementation of both PARCC and Common Core in Colorado for one year while a task force of teachers, parents, business owners, professors, legislators and Board of Ed is allowed to review the standards, the PARCC test and the cost analysis. SB-136 is simply asking for TIME to review and make the best decision for Colorado.

Ask legislators to vote yes for Senate Bill-136 written by Colorado Mom’s and sponsored by principled legislators. It’s common sense, for the people, by the people. See our bill and the citizens behind it at Thank you!


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