Obamacare is an economic disaster, despite the Democrat’s deceitful and immoral representation of it

Excerpt from http://www.teapartypatriots.org/2014/01/obamacares-bloodletting-small-business/

Jim Wolff, owner of a Pennsylvania car dealership, who had to stop providing insurance for his 11 workers.

“Foreign Traffic, a car dealership in Hampton, will stop offering its employees health insurance at the end of the year and send them to the exchange being set up under the Affordable Care Act.

Owner Jim Wolff said he had no choice, after providing the benefit for 35 years, because his insurer informed him it would raise premiums in 2014 by 43%. But the company will give its 11 workers money each year to offset some of the cost of buying their own insurance.

“We’re just done with it,” he said. “We’re not going to pay the increases from the plan that we had.”

– See more at: http://www.teapartypatriots.org/2014/01/obamacares-bloodletting-small-business/#sthash.RUsLPhZ0.dpuf


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