Gibson Exercises Property Rights, Sense of Humor At the Expense of U.S. Government Tyranny

The Gibson guitar company, having had its federally seized wood returned to it, is celebrating with the release of a new product made from that very wood: the Les Paul Government II Series. As the luthiery firm puts it:

Great Gibson electric guitars have long been a means of fighting the establishment, so when the powers that be confiscated stocks of tonewoods from the Gibson factory in Nashville—only to return them once there was a resolution and the investigation ended—it was an event worth celebrating. Introducing the Government Series II Les Paul, a striking new guitar from Gibson USA for 2014 that suitably marks this infamous time in Gibson’s history. 

Available in one color: “Government Tan.”

Chief of Police Harassed by Feds, Placed on Leave After Signing Pledge to Uphold Constitution


Sheriff orders Shane Harger to disband entire police department due to “political affiliations”

A police chief was detained and harassed by federal agents while traveling to a constitutional convention before returning home to be told he was being placed on administrative leave and ordered to disband his police department after signing a pledge to uphold the bill of rights.

Police Chief Shane Harger of the Jemez Springs, NM Police Department was flying out of Albuquerque Airport last week on his way to a Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) convention taking place in Las Vegas. CSPOA is an organization headed up by Sheriff Richard Mack under which law enforcement officers gather to re-affirm their commitment to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Before passing security, Harger was approached by a TSA agent who asked the police chief to show his credentials. Moments later, a man claiming to be a “federal agent” also asked to see Harger’s credentials before telling him he was a “person of interest.” The federal agent then demanded to know where Harger was traveling to and why.

When Harger told the federal agent he was attending the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention in Las Vegas, he was detained for 35 minutes before finally being allowed to board the airplane.

On Tuesday January 28, a day after his return, Harger was placed on administrative leave and ordered by Sandoval County, NM, Sheriff Douglas C. Wood to disband his entire police department due to his “political affiliations”.

What were his political affiliations? While attending the convention, Harger, along with 38 other police officers, signed a declaration affirming their pledge to “obey and observe” the U.S. Constitution, in addition to refusing to carry out unconstitutional orders such as gun confiscation without constitutionally compliant warrants, violations of the 4th amendmentwithout probable cause, detainment or incarceration of citizens without probable cause, or working with the military for domestic law enforcement.

In other words, Harger was targeted for federal harassment and subsequently suspended for re-affirming his belief in the very Constitution he took an oath to uphold and protect in order to become a police officer in the first place.

“Despite having received a meritorious commendation from the Mayor of Jemez Springs on January 22, 2014, it seems that no one in the village government is willing to come to the assistance of Harger. It appears that Harger’s stance to defend and uphold the Constitution has put him and his entire department of ten part-time and volunteers out of business,” writes Vincent Finelli.

“I was at the convention and I never saw nor heard anyone say nor do anything that was a violation of any law. The CSPOA convention was an assembly of peace-loving Americanswho just wanted to uphold their oath of office, that being to support and defend the US Constitution and Bill of Rights for all of us, We The People,” adds Finelli.

Harger’s treatment is yet another disturbing indication that the federal government, in addition to law enforcement authorities, view Americans who support the bill of rights as domestic extremists. Harger’s position as Chief of Police also shows that they are desperate to prevent citizens who identify as constitutionalists, tea partiers or libertarians from holding any position of influence within law enforcement or society in general.

Harger’s potential dismissal for his patriotic and constitutional “political affiliations” is a chilling reminder that such positions are not only not welcomed but actively discriminated against by the federal government.


Update Jan 30 2014 7:15 pm: We spoke with Sheriff Richard Mack personally several times today about this story, and he assured us that these are the facts of what happened to police chief Harger. Sheriff Mack also put us in contact with police chief Shane Harger, and we personally spoke with him today, and he confirms the story to be true. Police Chief Harger will be coming on the Pete Santilli show in the coming days, and it could be as soon as tomorrow, so please stay tuned to the Pete Santilli Show for coming updates on this very important story.

Do you have 20/20 spiritual vision?

One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see. (John 9:25)

What is the beginning of the Christian life? It is a seeing. It must be a seeing. The very logic of things demands that it shall be a seeing; for this reason – that the whole of the Christian life is to be a progressive movement along one line, to one end. That line and that end is Christ. That was the issue with the man born blind in John 9. You will remember how, after they cast him out, Jesus found him, and said to him, “Dost thou believe on the Son of God?” and the man answered and said, “And who is He, Lord, that I may believe on Him?” Jesus said unto him, “Thou hast both seen Him and He it is That speaketh with thee.” And he said, “Lord, I believe.” And he worshiped Him. The issue of spiritual sight is the recognition of the Lord Jesus, and it is going to be that all the way through from start to finish.  

We may say that our salvation was a matter of seeing ourselves as sinners. But had it been left there it would have been a poor lookout for us. No, the whole matter is summed up into seeing Jesus; and when you really see Jesus, what happens? What happened to Saul of Tarsus? Well, a whole lot of things happened, and mighty things which nothing else would have accomplished. You would never have argued Saul of Tarsus into Christianity; you would never have frightened him into Christianity; you would never have either reasoned or emotionalized him into being a Christian. To get that man out of Judaism needed something more than could have been found on this earth. But he saw Jesus of Nazareth, and that did it. He is out, he is an emancipated man, he has seen.

By T. Austin-Sparks from: Spiritual Sight – Chapter 2

Virtually all scientists directly involved in climate prediction are aware of the enormous uncertainties associated with their product. How is it that they can place hands over hearts and swear that human emissions of carbon dioxide are wrecking the planet?

Read the whole article:

We need to confuse the Warmists and the non-thinkers with the facts. 

“The World Meteorological Organisation of the United Nations took its first steps towards establishing the World Climate Program in the early 1970s. Among other things it held a conference in Stockholm to define the main scientific problems to be solved before reliable climate forecasting could be possible. The conference defined quite a number, but focused on just two.

The first concerned an inability to simulate the amount and character of clouds in the atmosphere. Clouds are important because they govern the balance between solar heating and infrared cooling of the planet, and thereby are a control of Earth’s temperature. The second concerned an inability to forecast the behaviour of oceans. Oceans are important because they are the main reservoirs of heat in the climate system. They have internal, more-or-less random, fluctuations on all sorts of time-scales ranging from years through to centuries. These fluctuations cause changes in ocean surface temperature that in turn affect Earth’s overall climate.”

Obama’s Unilateral Minimum-Wage Hike Constitutional Violation

President Obama “knows better” than to think he can unilaterally raise the minimum wage for federal contractors, and Steve King has called on his congressional colleagues to push back. “We need to take our oath seriously and defend the Constitution here in Congress,” the Iowa Republican said on CNN on Tuesday.

King called the action a “constitutional violation” since the president does not have the authority to ignore or change laws without congressional approval. He worried that the president’s approach could set a precedent unseen before in American history.

“This threat that the president is going to run the government with an ink pen and executive orders — we’ve never had a president with that level of audacity and that level of contempt for his own oath of office,” he said.

Obama’s Pen vs. the Constitution and Progressive social engineering of public school children.

by Phyllis Schlafly

January 29, 2014

Barack Obama has now revealed that he unilaterally plans to use executive orders to “bypass” Congress. His shocking words were: “We are not just going to be waiting for legislation. … I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone. And I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions.”

I hope every American actually sees Obama speak those words on a TV or computer screen. His dictatorial attitude, layered with arrogance and condescension, should be repudiated by a self-governing people.

Obama claims to have taught constitutional law but he doesn’t seem to be familiar with the Constitution’s words. Lost in his shuffle are “all legislative powers” are vested in Congress, and the President “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

He refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (overwhelmingly passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton). He used his now-famous pen to wipe out key sections of the 1996 bipartisan Welfare Reform law and of Obamacare (which his appointees repeatedly bragged is “the law of the land”), and to “legislate” the Dream Act which Congress refused to enact.

For decades, the liberals have tried to take total control of public school curriculum so they can mold the minds of our youngsters into activists for leftwing causes. Obama’s famous “pen” can now achieve that goal.

Back in 1951, the National Education Association (NEA) published the “American Citizens Handbook,” which proclaimed, “It is important that people who are to live and work together shall have a common mind — a like heritage of purpose, religious ideals, love of country, beauty, and wisdom to guide and inspire them.” That goal was fortified by selections for memorization, including Old and New Testament passages, Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prayer, Golden Rule, Boy Scout oath, and patriotic songs.

Then public schools started to change under the influence of Humanist John Dewey and his followers. Sidney Simon sold a million copies of his book “Values Clarification” urging kids to abandon their parents’ old-fashioned values and make their own choices about what is right or wrong.

Schoolchildren were no longer taught to read by phonics but were subjected to what was called “whole language,” which taught them to guess text from pictures and memorize one-syllable words. That entire sorry story was told in Rudolf Flesch’s landmark book “Why Johnny Can’t Read.”

In a famous and widely quoted 1992 letter to “Dear Hillary,” the then-incoming First Lady, education guru Marc Tucker called on the government “to remold the entire American [school] system” into “a seamless web that literally extends from cradle to grave and is the same system for everyone.” Then came a series of fads marketed as improving test scores, but which actually continued the dumbing-down process.

Meanwhile we had the Kinsey invasion of curriculum to teach explicit sex education to younger and younger children, shredding them of their natural modesty. Fads continued with death education, suicide education, environmental education, and endless promotion of “self-esteem.”

We had a year of toying with new History Standards, which omitted many historical leaders and facts that most Americans believe students should learn, and we had the highly touted “Goals 2000″ and “School to Work.” More recent fads were “No Child Left Behind” and “Race to the Top,” which were used to delude parents into believing that schools were producing a new generation where, like the kids in the Lake Wobegon radio program, every child is above average.

William Blackstone’s summary of English law in 1765 included the right of parents to direct the care and upbringing of their own children because parents were assumed to act in their kids’ best interest. Unfortunately, American law was shuffled around by our lawyers in the 1970s, and the “best interest of the child” was taken away from parents and given to judges.

Family court judges now exercise discretion (a.k.a., personal bias) to make thousands of decisions about children instead of their parents, including where they live and with which parent for how many hours a week, how family money is spent and by whom, and even where kids may go to school and church.

Don’t look to the regular courts for a remedy. The federal Ninth Circuit ruled against parents, and in the 2005 version of its opinion ruled that parents’ rights do “not extend beyond the threshold of the school door” and that public schools have the right to provide students with “whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise.”

Obama’s pen is now forcing schools to use the Common Core standards, and parents are up in arms nationwide about what they see as defective methods, bad choices of readings, obnoxious federal control through required tests, and the computerizing of very private information on all students.

20 Early Warning Signs That We Are Approaching A Global Economic Meltdown

Sadly, most Americans are not even aware of most of these things.

All over the country today, the number one news headline is about Justin Bieber.  The mainstream media is absolutely obsessed with celebrity scandals, and so is a very large percentage of the U.S. population.

A great economic storm is rapidly approaching, and most people don’t even seem to notice the storm clouds that are gathering on the horizon.

What Can You Say About Those Carrying the Water for an Utterly Incompetent and Soulless President?

The Battling Boys of Benghazi 

We’re the Battling Boys of Benghazi ,

no fame, no glory, no paparazzi.

Just a fiery death in a blazing hell

defending the country we loved so well.

It wasn’t our job, but we answered the call,

 fought to the consulate and scaled the wall.

We pulled 20 countrymen from the jaws of fate,

led them to safety and stood at the gate.

Just the two of us, and foes by the score,

but we stood fast to bar the door.

Three calls for reinforcement, but all were denied,

so we fought and we fought and we fought till we died.

We gave our all for our Uncle Sam

but Barack Obama didn’t give a damn

just two dead Seals who carried the load

no thanks to us – we were just “bumps in the road”.

The Inventor of the Global Warming Hockey Stick Doubles Down. Do you foolishly do the same?

I see an ideologue, desperately trying to support a hypothesis that’s been falsified by observations.  While the majority of climate alarmists are trying to discover a physical reason that might just save the AGW hypothesis, Mann simply ignores the ‘inconvenient truth’ that the global climate has not warmed significantly for at least the past 15 years — while emissions of greenhouse gases have surged globally….

In actuality, we now have adequate proxy data from other sources, most particularly from Fredrick Ljungqvist and David Anderson.  Their separate publications agree that there has been little if any temperature rise since about 1940!  However, there was a real temperature increase between 1920 and 1940, which can be seen also in the various proxy as well as thermometer data….

Michael Mann saw something he didn’t like in the Senate testimony (Jan 16, 2014) of fiercely independent climate scientist and blogger, Georgia Tech professor Judith Curry; so he decided to say something in his NYT op-ed.  He forgot that often it is better to say nothing than to accuse Curry of peddling anti-science.

Curry has lost no time in taking Mann’s challenge and turning the tables on him:                            

“Since you have publicly accused my Congressional testimony of being ‘anti-science,’ I expect you to (publicly) document and rebut any statement in my testimony that is factually inaccurate or where my conclusions are not supported by the evidence that I provide.

During the Hearing, Senator Whitehouse asked me a question about why people refer to me as a ‘contrarian.’  I said something like the following: Skepticism is one of the norms of science.  We build confidence in our theories as they are able to withstand skeptical challenges.  If instead, scientists defend their theories by calling their opponents names, well that is a sign that their theories are in trouble.

 Curry’s final message to Mann:

 “If you want to avoid yourself being labeled as ‘anti-science’, I suggest that you are obligated to respond to my challenge.”…

 And to what purpose?  As pointed out many times, CO2 is beneficial for agriculture.  As a natural fertilizer, it accelerates the growth of crops.  Czech physicist Lubos Motl has calculated that if it were indeed possible to reduce CO2 levels to their pre-industrial value, global agriculture would suffer a strong decline and billions of people would starve to death. 

Read more:

Make Pro-Abortion Extremists Play Defense

Read the entirety at

In 2012, Democrats ran a well-coordinated campaign to demonize and distort pro-life candidates as anti-woman misogynists hell-bent on taking away birth control. The Republican response to this line of attack consisted mostly of pivoting away to focus on “jobs” and the “economy.” With rare exceptions, instead of responding, GOP candidates were unwilling to answer the attacks head-on….

These results clearly showed that by going on offense on abortion and exposing his opponent as extreme, Cuccinelli could have not merely energized the base, but also turned suburban women, independents, and undecided voters against the Democratic candidate….

Experimental research by Evolving Strategies and the Middle Resolution PAC found that what most moved voters away from Terry McAuliffe was detailing his extreme pro-abortion position:

“A single phone message emphasizing McAuliffe’s support for unrestricted, late-term, and taxpayer-funded abortions shifted support a net 13 to 15 points away from McAuliffe and toward Cuccinelli… A topic declared radioactive by nearly everyone, locked away in secure storage behind a blazing Hazmat warning by the Cuccinelli campaign, appears to have been a powerful weapon for the Republican ticket that could have substantially closed the gap, and possibly even won Cuccinelli the election.”…

Following the grisly details of barbaric fetal homicide in Kermit Gosnell’s “house of horrors,” which received national attention, lawmakers took action across the country to end brutal late-term abortions last year. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which seeks to protect unborn babies capable of feeling pain beginning at 20 weeks, that is, more than halfway through pregnancy. This legislation has been passed by over a dozen states, and has been introduced in the U.S. Senate by Sen. Lindsey Graham, with 41 co-sponsors.

Sen. Graham’s goal is simple: Force a vote prior to the 2014 mid-terms and put every Senator on record. Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska, both vulnerable Democrats up for reelection, have already said they would vote against it. Other vulnerable senators, such as Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Mark Pryor of Arkansas, have not taken a position.

Five national polls conducted in 2013 show overwhelming support for this legislation, especially among women, independents, young people, and Latinos.

This legislation will give the Republican party a new opportunity to identify senators who vote against this legislation as abortion extremists. By going on offense, Republicans can flip the war on women narrative on its head and put the other side on defense. Or they can continue, ironically, to curl up in the fetal position, let their own personal bias against social issues trump the data, and continue to lose. Time will tell which path they choose.


A new Knights of Columbus/Marist poll released Wednesday shows that more than six in 10 Americans believe that abortion is morally wrong.

Sixty-two percent of those polled believed that abortion is morally wrong, and only 36 percent found it morally acceptable. Two percent of Americans indicated that it was not a moral issue.

Fifty-three percent of respondents said they believe life begins at conception.

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