Can Students Still Sing Christmas Carols?


We the People Pray


The Facts:

When you and over 60,000 other concerned citizens signed the statement of support for prayer, you sent a strong message in support of religious freedom. The future freedom of our children and grandchildren depends on people of faith standing up for their rights today.

Sadly, a few organizations are working overtime to strip Christ from Christmas, especially in public schools. Some school officials have gone so far as to prohibit the common greeting “Merry Christmas” and instead, insist that teachers and students say “Happy Holidays” and refer to Christmas break as “Winter Break” or “Sparkle Season.” But do you know the truth? 

True or False?

  • Students are not allowed to sing religious Christmas carols in public schools.
  • Public schools have to recognize all religious holidays if they recognize Christmas.
  • Public schools cannot have students study the religious origins of Christmas and read the biblical accounts of the birth of Christ.
  • Public schools cannot display religious symbols.



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