Is a Pre-Societal Collapse Generation Capable of Discerning the Signs of its Demise from having imbibed Progressivism and a loss of virtue? Absolutely Not! Are we that generation? Very likely!

Proofs that even Conservatives can’t discern the signs of our own demise.  Liberals celebrate these realities, not having the moral compass to foresee that our culture’s demise will cause their own devastation.

1) A culture failing to safeguard its future and ceasing to be good stewards of its next of the most basic instincts of those who are image-bearers of the Creator….It takes an especially toxic and potent mixture of narcissism and self-loathing to produce a culture that no longer places the needs of its offspring above its most carnal desires.

2) Aborting over a million (a million, a million, a million!!!!) pre-born babies per year on the demonic altar of personal convenience .

3) More couples are opting to become triples or fourples, with live-in lovers spicing up the marital bed and helping to raise the children.

4) During this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade there was Snoopy, Spider-Man, SpongeBob, Hello Kitty, and cross-dressers. Actual men dressed in drag? Yes! This year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade featured a performance from the cast of the hit Broadway musical Kinky Boots, complete in all their risqué cross-dressing regalia. Kinky Boots is about the “heroic” exploits of a “fabulous drag queen performer” (and is there any other kind?) named Lola, who teaches her stodgy Northern England village a politically-correct lesson about acceptance all the while saving a family shoe business. Two of the memorable songs fromKinky Boots are titled “Sex is in the heel” and “I am not my father’s son.”

5) Targeting children with beliefs and behaviors even pagan and humanistic societies knew enough to shield their children from.

6) Politically correct {culturally Marxist} Hollywood is gearing up its publicity machine for a movie next spring with an A-list cast about the great flood and Noah’s Ark, which is the first example in history of what happens to a civilization when fallen human nature refuses to be restrained.

Anyone believe we’re living on “borrowed time?”

How many commentary sources available are warning you to this degree of realism?  Or are you still living in a dream world of denial the demonic Progressives have  created?

From Steve Deace, an outstanding radio host:


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