How you can help stop over 300,000 abortions per year

Since the Supreme Court legalized almost unlimited abortion in 1973 with its disastrous Roe v. Wade ruling, over 56 million babies have lost their lives at the hand of the abortionist. That means over one-fourth of all babies conceived in the U.S. since 1973 have been aborted!

For years we’ve prayed for a strategic way to turn the tide against abortion. Many Christians have become discouraged.

Now we have real hope!

With detailed knowledge provided by former Texas Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson, we have the evidence we need to sue America’s largest abortion provider for fraud and drive them out of the abortion business.

If we win, Planned Parenthood could face up to $5.5 billion in penalties, halting much of their abortion business!

This case is just the tip of the iceberg. Alliance Defending Freedom has identified tens of millions in waste, abuse, and potential fraud committed by other Planned Parenthood affiliates and other abortion providers, and has led the push for Congress to investigate how Planned Parenthood has been misusing taxpayer dollars.

All we need is God’s mercy and the resources to make sure we can see these cases through to victory.

Alliance Defending Freedom–an organization to really stand behind.  


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