Hear and share stories of Christians who took a stand for religious freedom … like Brian


Now, that you’ve signed the WE the People PRAY statement of support, why not join the conversation and spread the word about the battle for religious freedom!

When you tell others through social media, you play a significant role in the alliance. You’re helping defend people like Brian Hickman. Even though Brian was only a fifth grader, he challenged the powerful Los Angeles School District.

When Brian first heard of open auditions for the talent show at his school, he knew exactly what he wanted to perform. For weeks, Brian had been working with the music team at his church to dance to a new Christian song entitled “We Shine.”

Brian was crushed when school officials told his mother that the song was “too religious” and mentioned Jesus “too many times.”

Brian’s mother contacted Alliance Defending Freedom for help. We filed a lawsuit on Brian’s behalf seeking a court order that would allow him to perform to his Christian song at the talent show.

The school district immediately moved to settle the case. It not only allowed Brian to perform his dance, it also changed the district-wide policy to ensure that religious performances are protected at school events.

Brian Hickman’s story of courage is a story worth sharing That’s a policy change that impacts the nearly 700,000 children attending public schools in Los Angeles, the nation’s second-largest school district.

Stories like Brian Hickman’s are worth sharing! They encourage your fellow believers . . . and inspire them to take action to stand up for religious freedom.


Alliance Defending Freedom


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