Government control of healthcare; another guaranteed disaster like every implementation of the naive, untested, good intentioned fantasties of the Progressocrats…Democrats…Educrats…Politocrats…Technocrats…Communitariocrats.

At minute 3:25 of this video the Chief Information Officer for the monstrous bureaucracies of Medicare and Medicaid, on November 17, 2013 said, 30 to 40% of the Obamacare payment systems, data matches, derive payment mechanisms, accounting systems and back office systems are not developed.

Liberals condemn Conservatives for not having fully diagnosed the admitted serious medical insurance problems and for not proposing superior solutions. Well, they’re too stupid to read what’s been offered as legislation by Republicans and they’re too stupid to read Sally Pipes:

But all they really care about is not self-governing, but relinquishing their responsibilities to politically correct collectivist specialists.

Here’s one wrap up of what many Conservatives are proposing.

A Health Care Contract with America

1) Allow everyone to maintain his current health insurance. No exceptions.

2) Treat everyone the same. No special treatment for Members of Congress, unions, businesses, etc.

3) Allow people to opt out of federal health insurance benefits, without penalty.

4) Allow people to own their own medical insurance and take it with them from job to job.

5) Allow all taxpayers to receive tax deductions for medical expenses, including personal Health Savings Accounts.

6) Allow insurance companies to compete across state lines.

7) Help people with pre-existing medical conditions, through significant transitional block grants to states rather than mandates.

8) Provide all citizens advance knowledge of their health care costs (excluding medical emergencies).

9) Provide reasonable maximums for “pain and suffering.”

10) Avert Medicare’s bankruptcy by providing fewer benefits to the wealthy.

11) Allow the elderly and all doctors the choice between private insurance and Medicare.

12) Eliminate first-dollar coverage. Everyone should have some skin in the game.

Let me repeat this for Progressives who are too dense to grasp what we’re up against: Obmacare is the wrong diagnosis and the desperately wrong treatment. The way you line up on this issue exposes how you affect the constitutionality and intelligence of the we self-govern. If you’re not Constitutionally astute you aren’t qualified to vote for anything or anyone.


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